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    Default Weather in LATE October

    Going to CSS October 23-30. Has anyone been there this time of year? Can you share what your experience has been with the weather? It'll be paradise either way...just wondering of other experiences. Thanks!
    -ONLY 4 months to go!!

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    We will be at CSA the same time... Oct 23-Nov 2. We have not been to CSS, we have only been to CTI and CSA that time of year. That is our preferred time to go. We went one year in June/July and will never do it again. It was too humid and way too many bugs for us. The weather in October is perfect for us. Plus we enjoy going for Halloween. We always like to dress up and make it fun. We prefer the crowd that time of year. it seems to be different than it is in the summer. Maybe we will see you at the airport on the 23rd! lol..

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    We were at CSS last year Oct. 25 - Nov 1 and it was PERFECT! We had one day where it rained for about 15 minutes in the morning - just enough to create a rainbow over the ocean! The rest of the time it was gorgeous - hot and sunny! We are thinking of going back this year 10/20 - 10/27 so maybe we'll see you!

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    We always go that time of year.... weather is perfect! Rates haven't kicked in to "high season" yet. You'll love it!

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    warm and nice with showers every day for about 30. Ohh and possibly a hurricane. Get travel insurance.

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    Default Yookster and LaurieandJason

    How cool to learn that you will be (or MIGHT be) there at the same time! We should definitely try to meet up for some drinks!!
    Thanks for the input! Hopefully we'll run into each other!
    -Josh and Brenda!

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    Great posts! we will be there Oct.29-Nov.6! We cant wait it's our first time!! The weather sounds perfect.. minus any Hurricane.
    Mike and Lisa

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    Sei-Dog we will be at CSS October 23-30 as well! Let's meet for drinks!

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    Default Woo, can't wait!

    We'll be there Nov 2-9th. A little rain won't hurt.

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    Thinking about staying at CSS, we have the flights for that same week in October 23-30! I can't decide where we should stay. Must have great swim up bar and beach. I have ready so many reviews that I can't see straight.. Is there any night life at CSS?

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    LBVM - YES - lets meet for drinks for sure! I'm sure we will! Email me, or you can try talkin to your friend :-)

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