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    Default Beer other then red stripe?

    My husband is curious if they will have any other beer at the resort, particularly coors light. Hes not a fan of red stripe, even though Ive told him everyone says it tastes better in Jamaica.

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    I know that CN has Miller Lite as well.

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    I'm not sure which resort you are going to but they do have other beers. At CSA the martini bar has more of a selection of beer and liquor. They are the only bar that had Grey Goose vodka, unfortunetly they are only open in the evenings.

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    I can say that while I was in the Caymen islands the Red Stripe was very good (no Canaidian beer mind you) and seemed to do the job very well and I have noticed that the imported Red Stripe up here doesn't have the same taste. Wait till you get there and it may supprise you, I'm hoping it still goes down good on a warm beach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michelle View Post
    My husband is curious if they will have any other beer at the resort, particularly coors light. Hes not a fan of red stripe, even though Ive told him everyone says it tastes better in Jamaica.
    No worries, he will love red stripe lite, it has little to no taste at all, so it is just like coors lite.

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    I have to respectfully disagree with the suggestion that Red Stripe Light and Coors Light are interchangable. I was pleasantly surprised at the taste of Red Stripe Light as compared to major brand US light beers. If Coors Light taste is what you are seeking, the cans of Miller Lite or Carib that are available are closer than either of the Red Stripe beers in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IACouple View Post
    No worries, he will love red stripe lite, it has little to no taste at all, so it is just like coors lite.
    To IACouple:

    HA! Spoken like a true beer connoisseur!

    To the original poster:

    Here in the States there is a brave new world out there beyond the BIG 3 (A-B, Miller, and Coors), contrary to popular belief!

    All kidding aside, (and I truly meant the BIG 3 comment in jest), perhaps this is a chance for your husband to give another beer a chance in a new setting.

    As they say... different latitudes... different attitudes! Here's to hoping your husband finds a beverage he can enjoy whilst in paradise!


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    In my opinion, Caribe is better tasting than Red Stripe.

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    Default Red Stripe Light is very drinkable

    [QUOTE=jamaicatime;80451] Here in the States there is a brave new world out there beyond the BIG 3 (A-B, Miller, and Coors), contrary to popular belief!

    Jamaicatime -

    Actually, it's now the big 2, since Miller and Coors merged a couple of years ago to form MillerCoors! Works for me!


    Hubbie will be very happy with Red Stripe Light. I'm a Coors Light drinker (amongst others), and it's very good.


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    Thanks, hopefully hell find something he likes. Hes just been asking me the last few days about beer other then red stripe so I thought Id ask and see, oh and we will be at CSS since I didnt mention that, not sure if that makes a difference in selection.

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    Everybody has their personal beer favorites, be they based on flavor profile, image, or whatever. This discussion prompted me to investigate the consumer ratings for the beers in question at a website called BeerAdvocate. The disclaimer is that this website is frequented mostly by beer aficionados who often prefer beers with more flavor and character than any of the brands being discussed here. Thus the review scores for these beers (generally poor) reflect that general preference for more flavorful beers. That being said, here are the results for brands generally available at Couples:
    Red Stripe (736 reviews) C+
    Red Stripe Light (19 reviews) C-
    Carib (127 reviews) C-
    Miller Lite (872 reviews) D+
    And by comparison with other megabrewer light beers not offered at Couples......
    Coors Light (923 reviews) D-
    Bud Light (1006 reviews) D-
    Corona (887 reviews) D

    Generally speaking, one can interpret these BeerAdvocate ratings in this manner: the lower the grade, the more flavorless the beer. Specific letter grades aside, the BA reviewers seem to collectively make a distinction between beers in the “C” range and those in the “D” range. So if you really like one of those beers in the “D” range, your best bet at Couples may be the beer that is nearest to the rating for the beer you like. Interestingly, Red Stripe scores the best of the beers listed above, an observation that will be viewed as good news to some, and perhaps disappointing news to others.

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    Regular red stripe does have more flavor that mass produced american beers. It seems very sweet compared to things like miller lite or coors lite.

    But you know what, it is 90 degrees out, and someone hands you a cold beer, I am never going to complain about that.

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    Have your hubby throw a few cases in a piece of luggage pay the 25- 50 bucks for the extra bag and enjoy your coors light I am sure it will taste even sweeter if his dear wife lugged the bag thru the airport

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    Drink something other than beer. Im a beer drinker myself, and dont particullary care for Red Stripe, but it was pretty good while in Jamaica. Caribe beer is horrid! Didnt even finish it. Miller Lite is, well, Miller Lite. Beer of choice while at CN was Red Stripe or RS Light. Try the many different liquor drinks you can get, stuff Ive never even heard of. At CN they had a daily special, and we were never disappointed. You will be in Jamaica, anything goes!!!

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    Guiness is also available (at CSA at least). It is not the same Guiness as in the states, not quite as creamy. Almost a dark fizzy beer....don't really know how else to explain it. Definitely not Coors, but hadn't seen it mentioned yet in the conversation.


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    I'm strictly a Coors light drinker . While I'm not a fan of the Red Stripe, I do like the Red Stripe Light.

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    Since the title of this thread is “beer other than Red Stripe” rather than “beer similar to Coors Light”, I will offer a bit more on the version of Guinness available at Couples: There are a number of different versions of Guinness brewed and marketed throughout the world. It is definitely not all one and the same. The Guinness brewed in Jamaica is a 6.5% ABV version of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, a style of stout found often in countries around the world with more tropical climates. This contrasts with the two versions of Guinness typically available in the US: Guinness Draught (4.1-4.3% ABV, found on draft and in widget bottles and cans), and Guinness Extra Stout (5% in US and Canada, less or more in other countries). Jamaican Guinness is brewed by the same company that brews Red Stripe. They also brew another stout called Dragon Stout that I actually prefer to Guinness, but I did not find it at Couples. During our week at CTI, the Piano Bar seemed to have a hard time keeping the Guinness in stock. It must have been especially popular with the guests that week.

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    6.5% guinness? I can't wait to try that!

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    Oh I guess you can find me at the piano bar (in two weeks!)

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    Not sure if you can get it at the resort but if you see it. Real Rock Its a decent lager. Kingston Pilsner and Carib are 2 others found on the island
    There is a wicked beer called Dragon Stout (7.5%) It is along the lines of Guiness. Also keep in mind that the Guiness you drink in Jamaica is almost 2% stronger than in the US.

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    Carib is terrible !! I would even take a PBR or Natural Light over that stuff .......
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    does anyone know if this "special Guiness" is available at CSS? I'm happy to hear there might be something (of substance) available other than red stripe as I picked up a 6 pack tonight to give it a try and i'm not sure I can do it.

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    Kelly & Tim, I would think so. I think it's the standard in Jamaica in general, but I could be wrong. Personally, I much prefer it to regular American Guinness, but my husband has successfully turned me in to something of a beer snob the last few years. Regular to me tastes like a watered down stout to me now.

    Try the Extra Stout they sell in the States. Less alcohol content, but will give you more of a feel for what you will get in Jamaica then regular Guinness will.

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    They had Miller Lite, Red stripe Lite, Red Stripe and I think that was it when we were down in June...oh and their version of Guiness lol.

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    Kelly&Tim ~ Don't judge Red Stripe by what you get in the States. It always tastes skunked to me, but the stuff in JA is good. Wait until you get down there to form an opinion.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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