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    We're headed to CSA as first timers in just 12 days! We're wondering about the quality of the beach towels provided. We don't want to waste valuable luggage space on bringing our own but we don't want to have to dry off with skimpy tiny beach towels either! Any advice?

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    Not to worry---the ones provided are large enough to cover the pads(floatees) on the lounges.

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    Don't waste the space. The towels are just fine.

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    They aren't tiny or anything but they aren't super luxurious. The first time we were there they only let you trade them once a day. They would keep track and not let you get another one until the next day. This was fine unless you do a lot of water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling and swimming in the same day. The last time we were there they did not seem to have that rule which worked out great because we did more water activities than ever. On the days we needed to trade twice it was ok. The towels take forever to dry on the balconies because it is so humid there.

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    The towels are a decent size. We always bring one beach towel a piece and we do use them. They don't take up much room especially since we pack so light for couples. We spend all day in bathing suits and then a little sundress in the evenings so there really is no need to bring a lot swhich makes fore a little extra room for a couple beach towels.

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    We had no problem exchanging towels more then once a day this past march.

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