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    Default shipping cigars to the resort

    Any thoughts on purchasing cubans online before we leave and having them shipped to the resort. I sure would like to enjoy some nice cigars, but don't want to deal with fake, or poorly stored cigars. Has anyone ever done this?

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    Yea, having had stuff shipped internationally, it's expensive and no guarantee it would be there for you when you got there. You can buy cigars in the duty free shop on your way down to Jamaica if you don't want to purchase them at the resort.

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    Please don't purchase Cuban cigars from your home computer. Under the Trading with the Enemy Act, 50 U.S.C.S. Appx. 1, et seq., it is illegal for Americans, no matter where they are, to purchase goods grown in, manufactured in, or even transported through Cuba. A lot of people aren't even aware of this law, but you would clearly be violating it if the purchase was made on-line from your home in Minnesota, no matter what spot you designated as the point of delivery.

    Under the Act, it's even illegal for you to purchase and consume Cuban products while in another country, although, of course, it's impossible to police someone buying a cigar from a beach vendor.

    It's none of my business if you choose to knowingly violate this law while in Jamaica, but I'd counsel against trying to bring Cuban cigars back into the U.S. at your vacation's conclusion. There was a couple on the MB recently that reported being detained in U.S. Customs because they had cigars and did not have a receipt to prove that they weren't Cubans. While they ultimately were not arrested, they were threatened with arrest and prosecution; that's not how I would want to end my vacation.
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    There are reputable cigar salesmen who come onto the property a couple times during the week to sell their wares. I've never heard complaints about the products that they sell.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I don't think this is a good idea. How would the resort know what to do with the cigars when they arrive there??? Randymon has said no in previous posts about storing luggage that people wanted to send early for some such reason. Just too much for the resort to take care of. They are not in the shipping and storing business!!!

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    Yeah, no way I would try to smuggle something illegal in from Jamaica. At MBJ they thought I had a lighter in my purse (I did not, it was a keychain flashlight) and they yelled and threatened us for a long time. I thought they were not going to let us go but they did and hen followed us back the plane and into the restroom by the terminal. While on the plane I was told I needed to stay in my seat and was not even allowed to use the restroom. It was a long flight and they had just given a a few cups of juice, of course I needed to use the restroom. Imagine if I was actually doing something wrong!

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    Unless you have been smoking vintage cubans since the early 60's, chances are you can find incredible dominican and hondurian cigars made by the same folks who ruled the cigar insdustry in the 60's.
    Check ouf some reputable online cigar shops most have the ability to look up by taste and "burn". Most have great prices on 10-20 cigar samplers which are sure to give you the variety and enjoyment for a smart price.

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    Default Cubans..

    No need to go through any of that. There is one place that you are guaranteed to get real cuban cigars in Negril, its the Cigar King in Times Square shopping center. If you take the shopping trip thru the hotel it'll be the last stop on your way back, or find another way to get there, its not that far. I've dealt with him for many years & was never disappointed or ripped off. I can't guarantee the the guy on the beach with the same name is an associate or not, best to go the the main store.

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    in CN, there is a vendor that comes at night a few times during the week and sells good Cubans as well as Dominican and others. Not sure of the other resorts but I am sure it occurs there as well.
    Dorothy & James - Delaware

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    I have been told that Couples Resorts does not accept packages for guests due to the import/clearing issues.
    Irie Mon

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