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    Default Questions about Atrium building #'s

    Will be returning to CSA in Feb 2011 (only 7 months away)
    We decided to take the extra $ we spent on a BFS last time and go with an Atrium for an extra days stay...
    Has anyone stayed in buildings 25, 26 or 27, second floor rooms?
    I like that these buildings are centrally located.
    Can anyone tell me if you can see sunsets from the 2nd floors of any of these buildings.
    Would appreciate an experiences or pictures you would like to share.

    Thanks much

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    Robin- We've had friends stay in building 25, 2nd floor, it has a great beach view.

    We've stayed in 2128, building 27 and it has great views. Below are a couple of photos from our patio. If I had a better camera you could see the sun set, instead of a big white out!!

    The first two trips we stayed in Beachfront Verandah rooms. We then stayed in the Beachfront Suites for two years. We did a quick trip in December in 2007 and went as cheap as possible. That first year we stayed in a Beachfront Atrium room. I know--there is no such thing, but there is. Any of the old Beachfront Suites, with the one big unit on the first floor, have a big unit and a smaller unit on the second floor. The smaller unit can be used as a Beachfront Suite or an Atrium room. It has a smaller balcony, but it does have a mini fridge and a view of the beach.

    Now that the Atrium rooms have mini fridges we will always stay in them. You can't beat the price. I think our March trip will overlap with you again this year. Trip #10 is booked for 2/24 thru 3/5.

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    Thanks so much for the info. Yes, we did not get to meet you this year, and it looks like we will over lap a few days next year. Will make sure to say "Hi" at the Martini bar.
    Appreciate you taking the time to post.
    Did your 1st floor atrium have glass under the shutters? I have read a few posts that the 1st floor atriums have glass...
    We loved being able to open the shutters for that wonderful breeze
    Jamacia soon come...
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