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    Default june 15 at css - younger couples?

    Any younger 20's and 30's couples gonna be there during the ;une 15 week?

    My wife and I will be honeymooning?

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    We'll be there the 16-24th. Getting married on the 18th.

    don't know if we're a "younger" couple. I'm 31 and he's 41, but we feel young... and he's in better shape than most guys my age, so can keep up with the best of em if you feel like beach soccor or volley ball etc (if they have that at CSS?)

    CSS 6/16-24
    first visit!

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    Didn't you know, EVERYONE at Couples is young (well at heart that is). We're a fun couple at 54 & 45 there from 6/14-6/21. It's a small resort so I'm sure we'll meet up. Congrats on your upcoming wedding and honeymoon. We're celebrating 25 years together even though we're not married.

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    Hey vanman & firebrand-not getting any responses here so I guess we're the only six that will be at css that week. Maybe this will stir up some conversation.

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    Sean and I are 25 and 24 and will be honeymooning the 6-13!
    Sean & Bekah Walsh

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    Chase 26 and Jenny 25 will be there 6/14-6/21/10. You cant miss us. I'll be the big redheaded My wife will be the fine tan lady beside me..hahaha

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    Hi vanman

    We are arriving at CSS on the 15th.
    What time does your flight arrive in MoBay?
    We're flying in from Atlanta around 11:45am.

    1st time at CSS, 2nd time at a Couples

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    We are coming thru atlanta also. We are hoping to try the AN beach while there.....anyone else?

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    Default Atlanta connection

    Quote Originally Posted by vanman View Post
    We are coming thru atlanta also.
    Hold the plane for us in Atlanta, if need be!
    We'll do the same for you

    It's all good, mon!

    Rick & Susan

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    My fiance and i will be there 6/11-6/18

    Im 21 SARAH and mike is 31
    We will prob be glued to the pool bar!!!!

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    Default Coming from FL 6/11-6/18

    Anyone coming from fl?? 6/11-6/18? gonna have a little bit of a lay over in ft.lauderdale and we would love to meet another couple that will be stuck there for 5hours also. I dont know if i can handle the suspense of waiting!! lol! Sweet jamaica Your just around the corner and this work week is taking FOREVER!!!!!

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    Jacki and Nate 28 and 29 celebrating our 10th anniversary. we'll see you all there between June 16th and 24th. Congratulations to the marrying couples and we'll see you all at the beach....where , which one you ask ... hint hint.. drinking naked.

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    Hey everyone! My wife and I (Jay -29 & Alicia 30) will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary and our first trip to Jamiaca o the week of the 18 -25. We will also be traveling with some friends of ours, Al -33 & Brooke -28. We are looking forward to meeting you guys.
    And Chase --- we are in the same boat. I'll also be the big red-headed ghost next to the beautiful tan women.

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