My husband and I are returning late Sept-early October for our 3rd trip to CTI. We've reached the <3 months countdown and can't wait! I've been wondering about a couple of changes/"issues" (admittedly completely first world problems) from previous trips/seen on the boards.

1) Our previous two trips had no fitness instructor on site. I would really love spinning/yoga while we're there. Does anyone know how common it is for these classes to not occur? Did we just not get lucky the previous two trips, is it time of year, etc?

2) We enjoy the low occupancy in the fall- any ideas if San Souci renovations is causing increase in occupancy at CTI?

3) Any news on the club/disco in the old Logo Shop? Is it open every night, what time does it open, music selection, popularity with guests..?

4) Last trip it seemed halfway through the week there was no smoked salmon at the buffet. I didn't check with any of the servers if they had just temporarily run out-- anyone seen it recently or is it no longer available? ( like I said.. first world problem!).

5) We're switching from Deluxe Ocean (have been on the 5th floor of building 4 both previous trips) to Premier Ocean. I've seen some threads that suggest building 3 is best for Premier-- any recommendations for floor/room number would be much appreciated, even though we know a request can't always be met.

Thanks for your help, all! These boards get me through the long months/years between trips!