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    Default Wish me Luck!

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to my request for 100 reasons for me to give my wife to be AN with me at CN. I've got 6 very compelling reasons to share with her. Unfortunately, we won't be able to get back to Jamaica for a few years, but I will definately use all of your reasons to get her out on the AN beach.

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    Best of luck mrg. Hope you can get back to the island sooner.


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    Good luck mrg! and good luck to your wonderful wife too!! I hope she finds the courage to try the AN beach. I have heard of a few different approaches to trying AN that work for various people for various reasons. From "Go early before people arrive" to "Go mid-day when people are there so you can see that no one cares and no one stares" to "Have some liquid courage before you go." The "Liquid courage" I would advise against. Choosing one of the other two options depend on what your wife's concerns are about going to the AN beach. I hope she honors your request to give it a try, even if only for 30 minutes. If she tries it I'm pretty sure she will find it's no big deal, just a very enjoyable experience.


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