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    Default CSA Resort Videographer

    Has anyone used the videographer at CSA? How was the quality? What did they shoot? How long did it take to get the DVD back? We want to use it at our reception which is two weeks after our wedding. If you have link to it, I would love to see it! Thanks!

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    I am also interested in this... any info would be great!

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    Hey ladies go to "Our weddings" on the MB and look for "Meg & Bill Tied de Knot -CN, June 12, 2010" and take a look at their wedding video by the CSA videographer. It is absolutely beautiful!! Me and my hubby to be will most definitely be using the CSA resort phtographer/videographer next year for our May 2011 wedding. Their video has really put my mind at ease, so hopefully this will help you ladies as well!!

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    Loved it! We also are having Stacey Clarke take our photographs, the resort videographer take video and we are having Carey Wallace set up a live feed since we are going just the two of us, and our friends and family want to be there virtually to show their love and support! 16 more days till we arrive at CSA! Super excited! I wonder if Meg & Bill picked their music on the video of if that was extra since when I asked they told me there was not music on the wedding dvd. I will have to double check. Thank you again for sharing! Congrats to everyone!

    Jen & Ian
    sept 1-15 CSA
    wedding sept 4 2010

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    I am having Stacy Clark take the pictures and do think I will go with the resort videographer I think you do get to pick the songs you want.
    Lisa November 13th wedding at CSA

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