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    Default Champagne available at the bars in SS?

    Hi, we will be at CSS and wonder if they serve champagne at the bars and restaurants.

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    Sparkling wine - yes


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    Hi Katfred,

    There is always sparkling wine available for you. I usually drink sparkling wine and cranberry juice in the evenings (called a Hibiscus). Leaving tomorrow morning for CSS, I'll have one for ya!

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    Not only does every bar serve it, but we like to order a bottle in the evenings to drink while we get dressed for dinner. So decadent!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Sparkling Wine (Champagne) is available @ breakfast, lunch, dinner and through out the day @ all the bars!!!

    I suggest ordering a cocktail made with a touch of flavored brandy (blackberry or apricot), splash of cherry juice, a cherry and champagne!!!!

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    Thank you! Will have to try that in December when we arrive. We drink dry wine and love champagne occasionally. Enjoy your trip!

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    Absolutely! One of my favorites. Just ask for it.

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    Oooooo - I love the thought of canberry and sparkling! I think I'll try that with prosecco and a blueberry floating on top for
    4th of July!! Thanks for the great suggestion Mandy!!

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