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    Default Trading Places Question

    When trading places, do you need to bring towels or anything else or can you use what the other resort has available?

    What times and days can you go? We will be at CSA and would like to try CN one day.

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    I'm hoping to bump this up b/c I would also like to hear the answers! We are staying at CSS and would like to check out what CTI looks like after the remodel! What should we bring and how long are you at the other resort??

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    Trading Places is available on Mon, Wed and Fridays. You register 1 day in advance. You must be a Romance Rewards member first. You do not have to be a repeat stay guest. It is limited to 10 couples in each directions each day. It leaves your hotel at approx. 9:45 AM and returns @ approx. 4 PM. Transportation is free unless you want to return early.
    Towels are provided at the hotel you go to We just brought a beach bag with personal items.
    If you want to stay longer (after 4PM) day rates apply plus transportation

    What is really nice about it is that you are not treated like outsiders you are treated like regular guests
    We ate two meals @ CTI (breakfast and lunch) Try the thin pizza on the buffet lunch, they do not have it @ CSS

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    When we traded places, we brought our beach bag with towels, reading material, sunscreed etc.

    I believe you can go Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, however, the limit is 10 coulples a day so book right away.

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    We stayed at CSA last December and traded places to CN. I think we met at the lobby around 10am to get on a shuttle which takes you there for no charge. You can use the towels at the resort...just explain that you are from CSA. You can also use all the restaurants and any of the amenities. You do have to leave at 4:00 so no dinner I was very glad that we did it...even though we really liked CN, when we got back to our resort we realized how much we really LOVE CSA Have fun!

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    No need to bring anything, you have the run of the resort. CTI/CSS was mon,wed,fri 10 to 4 not sure of CSA/CN.

    We did the CTI to CSS and had a blast at CSS. Great way to check out another resort.

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    Default trading places

    When we did the trading places to CSS from CTI, we brought a beach bag with our towels, sunscreen, books and stuff in it. We were there long enough to have a little breakfast at Pallazzina to check it out, hang out on the beaches/pools for a bit (checked as many out as we could -- resort is large) and have lunch at the beach grill. So we brought a bag with us. Didn't think to ask for towels there.
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    I believe that the trading places program is M-W-F from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. They only allow a limited number of couples on each day, so sign up as soon as you can. The other resort will supply a towel for you when you get there, so you don't need to bring towels with you. Otherwise, you will want to bring the normal stuff that you need for the beach.

    One important note...since the gift shops are cash-free, you should plan on bringing a credit card if you might want to purchase something at the other resort. They will not accept cash and they cannot charge it to your room.

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    When we did trading places from CTI to CSS we were told we did not need to take our towels along. We went to the water sports hut at CSS and told them we were visiting from CTI and were told they could give us towels to use for the day, which they did

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    Also, we only took along our beach bag with what we personally needed for the day. You are free to use the trading places resort the same as if you were staying there for the week (food, water sports, etc.). If you want to buy anything from their gift shop (which you may, as they have different things), be sure to take along a credit card or some money.

    I believe the trading places days and time are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10a-4p. I'm not positive that is the same between CN and CSA, but that was for CTI. We left CTI about 9:45 a.m., and you need to sign-up 24 hours in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richli2 View Post
    You must be a Romance Rewards member first. You do not have to be a repeat stay guest.
    Is this true?? I thought you did need to be a repeat guest in addition to being a rewards member. I would be interested in knowing, as we are traveling with a couple who just signed up as romance rewards members but their first stay was too long ago to qualify them for any level this trip. We plan to do trading places, but we did not think they would be able to join us.

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    TNT - you DO NOT have to be a repeat guest, but you DO have to be a Romance Rewards member. Have your friends sign up for Romance Rewards in advance.

    Just a note to an earlier post, you can sign up for trading places anytime, NOT just one day in advance. In January, we signed up for trading places from CSA to CN five days in advance.

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    Thanks! They are signed up as Romance Rewards members, but they didn't receive any credit from their previous stay as it was in 2007.

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