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    We just got back from four nights at the end of June, and met some of the best people on earth, Mike and Sue were the best, as were Paul and Sam, Doug and Laurie, PJ and Laura, Vito and Pat.

    We have been to all four of the couples resorts, and all of them are great, but of the four we liked CSS the best. We liked it so much, that we booked for June 2011 as soon as we got home, and for seven nights, not four!

    I know it is early, but we wanted to start this thread for June 2011, we will be back June 22-29th. We hope to see some familiar faces, and make some new friends.

    Patrick and Diane

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    We have booked again also for June 15-22. It will be our 4th time CSS and 5th time couples. Marc and Michelle

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    Hi guys,
    I hope everyone made it back safely! We miss everyone and CSS already. We are having dirty banana withdraw!!
    We will look into June 2011 for our return!
    Thanks for a great week! We will send out some pic's soon!

    Sue&Mike June 2011 ?

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    We are returning to CSS for the second time June 22-27. Looking forward to meeting everyone and some SSB time. Only 11more months.

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