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    Default Bob Marley shots?

    I have seen lots of photos of the Bob Marley shots on here and just wondered what was in them? They look really cool and I cant wait to try one.

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    Crime de menthe, grenadine, banana liquor, and 151.
    Erika & Sean

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    They do look cool but my wife and I didnt like them. ALot of poeple do but we didnt.

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    Lots of alcohol!

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    Unfortunately I don't know exactly whats in it but I do recall it being pretty pepperminty. They were lighting them and calling them Flaming Bob Marley's. You have to try one for sure. ;-)

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    Granadine syrup... with some creme de menthe floated on it... with some Galiano floated on that. Topped off with a "finish" of overproof rum. So here's the challenge.

    Now that you have your Bob Marley ready to go, do you drink it from the bottom up (that is to say, through a straw)... or do you man up and slam it?

    Caution! Not for the timid or if you get light headed easily! This is NOT an endorsement of alcoholic consumption! Its only a suggested serving suggestion!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    grenadine,grande marnier,creme de menthe and overproof rum!
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    The bartenders tended to keep the ingredients on the down low, however the recipe on-line calls for grenadine, creme de menth, and rum. Interesting little drink. Not great, but a must try while there. Why not mon, you're in Jamaica mon!

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    Thanks for the info. Doesnt sound that great, but we will definitely be trying one...or ten.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lozzilou View Post
    grenadine,grande marnier,creme de menthe and [COLOR="black]overproof rum ![/COLOR]
    Exactly right, though the "color white" on a white background makes it hard to see...

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    Default No Marley for me

    The bartender at Feathers took one look at me and said I did not want to try a Bob Marley. He suggested something much more suitable to a person of my age...(OLD). I think he felt the Marley might kill me...he described it as "too strong".

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    when we honeymooned last month at CSS we didn't get to try one - apparently the bartenders were not allowed to serve anymore due to a recent incident. Has this been reversed?
    Sean & Bekah Walsh

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarleyBob View Post
    Thanks for the info. Doesnt sound that great, but we will definitely be trying one...or ten.
    I would like to see you try. If you want to remember your trip I would stick to one or two.

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    We did a marly waterfall around the swimup bar which took a while because people got scared. It tasted terrible but was a lot of fun to see the reactions.

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