So this is going to be my first time to Jamaica and the first time to Couples.

I want to say that my Fiance and I are very excited to go to CTI in September for our Honeymoon, but we just encountered a problem.

I booked our package deal from the site on March because I figured waiting until the last minute was a bad idea.

The airline called last week and said my flight time was changed and to call, so I did.

The lady on the phone gave me new times and I said... No biggy. She then said she would start from the flight out. She started to give me the date, and when I told her that was incorrect, she told me that was the problem.

My flight had been pushed up a day earlier. Fine and dandy if I wasn't getting married that day. I told her I cant fly out cause I am getting married and that's why I chose the day after. She told me the only other flight out was 3 days after.

I asked her about canceling and she said that the resort could do that. I told her I would check on another airline.

Called Couples and they told me I needed to call the airline. They said they could cancel, but not refund me since it was the airlines fault. Garfield was very nice and seemed to know exactly what I should do. He said to call the airline back and ask how they would refund me.

Called the airline back and she said that I need to call the place that books through couples which was Cardinal. I didn't book through a travel agency online, but she said when I booked the flight and the hotel on the site, they must use someone to do both. The thing is they say travel America when you call.

She gave me a number of 770-62-1814 which I called yesterday, and I had to leave a message. I tried 3 different departments and got no one. I figured since it being July 5th i'll call on Tuesday. Just called since no one has returned my call, and I got the same thing. Ring...Ring...Ring.......please leave a message.

I have this feeling that even though they have like 9 departments when you listen, that only one person is running the joint. It's pretty sad when you cant even wait on the line for the next operator. Maybe there isn't one, who knows.

My concern is that if no one calls back and I cant get through, how am I supposed to fix this problem? My only other thought it to call Couples back tomorrow if the other place doesn't call and try to connect me to someone.

I have GOT to cancel this flight, get reimbursed, then book another flight. This is all becoming a headache.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Playing phone tag is getting old.