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    Going to be visiting CSS on July 11 - 16. How has the weather been? I see rain in the forecast everyday and am a little nervous? Also, how dressed up do we need to be for the restaurants? Anyone participated in the tennis clinics? This will be our first time on vacation together and a first for both of us to an all-inclusive resort. Excited, but nervous. Any helpful hints are greatly appreciated.

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    I'm freaking out about the weather also!! We get there 7/16 and I've been looking at the forecast and it says its raining almost everyday for the next 10 days. The hourly forecast has it raining from 11am-10pm for the next few days not like the sporadic 10 minute Jamaican showers I'm used too. All we can do is pray and cross our fingers!!

    We went to CSA last year and I wore sundresses/skirts to dinner, hubby wore polo and shorts. One restaurant requires reservations and men must wear long pants and dress shoes. I went to RIU Negril in January and hated all the rude people, smoking, wristbands, overcrowded meals, long lines... basically everything. Couples is the complete opposite. Couples is the best and you are going to have a great time.

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