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    Default Canopy/Zip Line Tours - CSA

    My husband and I want to do the canopy/zip line tour while at CSA in April. I know this isnít a CSA excursion, so who do I schedule the activity with? Do we need to make transportation arrangements to and from CSA? If you did the canopy tour, what company did you use? Did you have fun? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
    Erin & Patrick

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    You schedule the zip line/canopy tour at the tour desk in the lobby behind the Patios restaurant and across from the gift shop. This is also where the bus will pick you up and drop you back off. The lady you make the reservation with will be the one you pay. She'll tell you what time to be in the lobby for pickup. I believe they picked us up at 9am. It's a long bus ride, and they'll probably pick up some from other resorts on the way. But it's beautiful countryside and an enjoyable ride. You go almost all the way back to Montego Bay, then head up into the mountains on a really narrow winding road.

    Once you arrive, you'll be briefed about what to do and what to expect. The guides are really good at their job and you're completely safe in their hands, plus they are also very entertaining.

    You'll then get on an open air bus and be driven farther up, then you'll get off that and go up a hiking trail.. we are in pretty good shape but we were huffing good by the time we got up to the first tree top, but nothing anybody in reasonable health can't handle.

    There you'll do your first zip line. It's a total blast, and we felt like it was the coolest thing we'd done... really enjoyed it!

    When you get back you can buy lunch from a stand there, go to the bathroom etc... before the bus leaves to take you back. There is also a couple vendors to buy things from... I bought our photo album there. They will sell you a cd of your pictures... that was the only disappointment on this excursion... I bought the cd and when I got home there was nothing on it... lukily we'd taken a disposable camera and got some really good pictures with that. So my advice would be to make them show you there are pictures on it before you buy it, or just take your disposable and you'll get good pictures too.

    You get back on the bus and will be dropped off about 2 or 3pm I believe. And be sure and tip the driver, he is not a Couples employee. Also take money to tip the guides on the excursions, as well as money to buy food and souveniers if you want.

    A tip for your hair... I made the mistake of putting my hair up with barrettes... and the helmet they make you wear really crushed the barrettes into my head... next time I'd just leave my hair in a low pony tail.

    And don't wear shorts that are TOO short... the harness will really pull your shorts up and you might expose more than you'd like to! I wore capris and was fine.

    Definitely would recommend going on this excursion, we enjoyed it and would do it again.

    Hope this helps, and have a great time at CSA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RubiGal04 View Post

    There you'll do your first zip line. It's a total blast, and we felt like it was the coolest thing we'd done... really enjoyed it!
    Thank you for the info you provided. Good to know about checking the CD first and also the hair tip. I do have a couple more questions. How many zip lines are included in the price?

    Thanks again!
    Erin & Patrick

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    My wife, sister, and her husband will be @ CSA April 16-23. Planning to go over to YS Falls. Wife's never been on a zip line, but hey need to try something different while in Jamaica. I believe they have zip lines,and other activities as well. Check out for more info.

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    Glad to help... we would have loved to have done more, but it was a decent number of zip lines, I believe 7 or so?? First couple aren't too long, to get you over the initial freak out, and the last one is awesome... be sure and let us know how you liked the excursion when you return, and have a great time!

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