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    Hi all, we will be arring THIS saturday at Mo Bay and we booked Tim Air to Negril. How do we get to Swept Away? A cab???
    URGENT....please help!!!

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    Back in December 2009 we flew TimAir to Negril. There were a couple of cabs in the parking lot and we hired one to take us to CSA. I think we paid US$10 for the five minute ride. We probably paid too much but it wasn't a big deal. Fix a price before getting into the cab and make sure that the cab has red license plates. These are the insured drivers.
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    TimAir will call CSA for you and then they will send a van. This may take 20-30 minutes. The first time we did it this way and waited on the van. The second time we just hopped in to one of the waiting cabs. It was $10, no waiting and we were at CSA in 10 minutes.

    On your way home CSA will arrange the van to take you to the Negril air strip. We tip the drive $5 for the free trip.

    Have fun and post some live updates!!!

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    A) Have the Timair people at Negril Aerodrome call CSA for your no cost (tip notwithstanding) van to CSA.

    B) Take one of the taxis usually parked outside the aerodrome for ~10USD and save the 5 to 15 min wait on the van.

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