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    Default Csa-great house verandah suite

    My fiance and I just booked our honeymoon for may 30th 2011! We are so excited... We booked a great house verandah suite, but as nice as the description sound, we cant find it on the map! Has anyone been in one of them?? Should we request changing rooms???

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    Default great house verandah suite

    i also am checking out the rooms between CSA and CN and could not help but notice that all i saw on the map for greathouse was the greathouse jacuzzi suite or something of the sort nothing on verandah.....was interested in knowing myself where it was located in relation to the resort facilities, beach etc.

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    I have not stayed in the ghvs but will next April. They are all in the Great House with Patios rest,casino, gift shops etc.I believe there are 4 ghjs and the rest are ghvs.Somebody will correct me if I am wrong.They are on the newer side of the resort and 1 minute from the beach and some have a nice view of the sea I have read.They also overlook the swim-up bar and a giant hot-tub and the grill, great location if you ask me.We have tried 3 other room catagories and can't wait to get back and check these out,Have a Blast!

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    The GHVS are in the same buildingat Patois and the Aura night club. We saw one of the rooms over looking the pool and it was beautiful. The bathroom was HUGE! It even had a telescope for the guests to use.

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    The great house veranda suites are in the greathouse, as are the jacuzzi suites. they are very nice and very quiet. We enjoyed being down the hall from the internet cafe and upstairs from Patois. I would definately stay there again. some of the rooms do face the hotel next door, but I can honestly say that I only stood on the balcony twice, as being out on the beach was so much better than looking at it from above. No worries. The room looks identical to the other verandah suite pictures.

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    The Greathouse Verandah suites are located in the Greathouse (same building as Patois, the Aura Lounge, the casino, etc. They are on the newer side of the property. We have never stayed in one, but have heard that they are very nice but a little bit more "hotel-like" than the other rooms at CSA. We normally stay in a Garden-Verandah suite and they are also on the newer side of the resort. Recently the Garden suites on the original side were renovated and now include TV's and mini bars so are also now called "Garden-Verandah's". we had booked one of the original garden suites for our next trip before the change so now aren't sure which room we will get. Doesn't matter to us at all...just being at CSA is heaven to us. We really don't spend much time in our room so aren't too concerned about which we get.

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