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    Default At CN now? Or will be before the 18th?

    We just arrived yesterday and realized that we forgot the charger to our brand new dive camera.... If anyone is at CN now or will arrive before we leave on the 18th we would really LOVE to borrow yours for a couple of hours, or leave you our battery and ask you to charge it for us... If we dont find a charger this camera will only last us a dive or two...

    We have the new SeaLife D1200 camera.

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    I wish we could help you out!! Sorry!! We'll see you soon - we fly out Sunday!

    BTW - what kind of charger do you need? Is it something we could possibly help out with?

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    Thanks Cindy, but I think it's a charger just for these camera batteries.... It would need to be someone who just happens to have a SeaLife underwater camera.... We have asked all the other divers that we have met and so far no one has one.... We think that even a charger for an older model would work but like I said, no luck.....

    See you tomorrow have a safe trip!!! Cindy

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