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    Default Mail Delivery in Jamaica

    OMG. I really hope I didn't make a mistake. I mailed my contract/deposit to Diana Campbell in Westmoreland, JA...over 3 weeks ago. As of this morning, she hasn't received it. Is this normal? I'm about to cancel the check and resend it via DHL. Am I worried for nothing? Has anyone had this issue?? Please, help!

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    I've seen postcards arrive in the states 3 weeks after we've returned from mailing them...

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    snail mail takes a long time to get to Jamaica.

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    they suggested to use register mails or UPS, Fadex... I will use Fadex.

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    Why are you even sending a deposit? We paid her in cash when she gave us our cd!

    I would never send money for something until I had the goods, or at least seen a sample.
    I say cancel the check..As for Diana, she did my pics also, a beautiful job, and I paid for them when we got them.

    Good Luck

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    I've never worked with a photographer or vendor who didn't require a contract and deposit to reserve the date and time. So, I'm not surprised by that and it's fair. I've never been to Couples, but I paid the deposit for the hotel. So, to answer your question, she sent me her contract and it requires a deposit to secure the date. I'm not sure if that something new for her or not. However, I did cancel the check and have worked with her to use DHL. If she doesn't receive this package, I guess I will either pay her the day of or I won't be using her.

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    Thanks for the advice, everyone!

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    Great news!! Diana received the second package via DHL. Advice to other brides, DO NOT SEND ANYTHING US MAIL TO JAMAICA!!!

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    Thanks for the head ups on the mail service!

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