Have been trolling the Couples message board for several weeks now. Thanks to all who give such thoughtful advice! Now it's my turn to ask questions. . .

My husband and I are planning our trip to Jamaica over Labor Day weekend in 2010. We arrive Thursday and depart on Tuesday. Our travel style is more active, but we do like to mix it up and have relaxation time. We will be staying in Ocho Rios. Here are my questions for you Couples veterans:

1. Is Labor Day weekend a busy time at the resorts?

2. Does it make sense to do a few days at CTI and a couple at CSS? There are aspects of both we'd like to try (excursions/activities/pool at CTI; AN beach & spa at CSS). But when switching hotels, you lose time in transit. We've considered the Trading Places option, but the time restrictions make us hesitant.

3. Has anyone done the Appleton Rum tour from CTI/CSS? How long does it take to get there? Would it be an all-day kind of thing including travel time?

4. Any thoughts on Mystic Mountain? That looks like fun.

5. How long are the shopping trips offered by the resort?

Sorry for so many questions (I'll probably have more.) Thanks for any help!