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    Default January Wedding 2011

    Hi Everyone!
    We are first timers and we have decided to get married at CN in January! Does anyone suggest a beach wedding, garden, or gazebo wedding?

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    hi, we havnt decided yet but my dress is heavy and traditional so i have to do it in the gazebo i think but im sure wedding co ordinater will show us around when we arrive.i hear that on the beach you get alot of people watching.some naked arhhhhh!! we didnt want that so thought gazebo may be more private x you will have to let us know what you decide , we are the couple that are getting wed on 17th jan...we arrive same day as you, we will be there around lunch time.please email me at be good to get to know you gys before we arrive so we can meet for a drink or chat previosly about our wedding plans.much love from marie and valentine x

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