Hi all,

We're going to CSA in September for our wedding-moon - soooo excited!!!

One thing is slightly anxiety provoking though - the bugs

They love me and I tend to get bitten loads. Even worse, I react really badly and bites come up like large peas sitting on a 2p coin (I'm from the UK - about 2-3cm coin).

I'm really worried about getting huge bites, particularly before the wedding. I may be going for overkill, but at the moment my plan is...
- Taking garlic and vitamin B in the run up to the trip (I know it may not make any difference, but I figure it can't do any harm!)
- Plug in insect repellants for the room
- Avon skin so soft (combined after sun and repellant)
- Anti histamine tablets every day to minimise any reaction
- Creams to put on bites if they occur

The thing I'm left unsure about is the insect spray. I gather that DEET is essential. I have really sensitive skin though - is DEET something that tends to not get on with sensitive skin? I can also only seem to find 50% DEET in the UK. How important is it to get the 100% (or 98%?) and is my skin more likely to react to that?

I'm also totally freaked about the sand bugs that people have mentioned - I've never heard of them before! Anything special I can do to avoid them?