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    Default CN AN Hot Tub at Night

    We are so excited to arrive next week and my wife and I were wondering if the AN Hot Tub is open at night? Is so, is it crowded? Is there a curfew? And, is it exclusively AN at night? We are traveling with another couple and I am not sure that AN is their thing though we have never talked about it...

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    Yes the hot tub is open. My wife and I would usually wander over for a soak just before bed, sometimes there was someone there, but for the most part we had it to ourselves. And yes, AN still applies! We usually turn off the tub lights and look at the stars.

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    There are also non-AN hot tubs available in the clothed areas.

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    TomandLori, Get any more pics of a good sunset from AN after we left? Hope all went well after we were gone. Still missing the lazy days!

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    If AN is something you're not sure about sharing with you friends, there's a non-AN hot tub tucked away over by the water sports hut. I think it's just behind the pool where they give the scuba lessons.


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    Keep in mind if AN is not their thing there are also 2 other hot tubs open on either side of the main pool you can use.

    We were there 10 years ago and there was no AN hot tub at the time - we just made the main one AN

    We're heading back next week as well - coming in on the 18th.

    Hope to see you there.

    Craig & Lynn

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    sounds exiting sure i must give it a try if no ones in there that is lol

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    I've thought about this, so I'm glad you asked! That's something I'm looking forward to for sure!

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    Open for sure...and a nice place to watch the stars. We also enjoyed with the lights off....but I did sit down in it one night and sat on a crab :-/ Poor thing had crawled in there and I guess the chlorine got the best of him.
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    We were there 2 nights ago. Went 3 nights running and were alone in the tub each time. Nice quiet time. Enjoyed. At CSS right now.


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    We tried it one nite and it was truly beautiful. The sounds of the Jamaican crickets and all the stars in the sky.

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    Hey BigBlue. We were at CN earlier in the month and did the AN Hot Tub spontaneously two nights during our visit. We were alone the first night and there were two couples there with us the second night. Had some drinks and good talks with them. Good vibe and no issues. Get your bride to try it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris&Denny View Post
    We tried it one nite and it was truly beautiful. The sounds of the Jamaican crickets and all the stars in the sky.
    Hey Chris and Denny, was it the crickets or the tree frogs that were serenading you with their chirps?


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    Does it close at a certain time or open 24/7?

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    Just got back and tried the hot tub twice at night. First night was crowded with 4 other couples and the lights on. Some folks had brought champagne and the 5ths of liquor from their rooms so it was quite a party. My wife told me there was some groping going on while I went to the bathroom. Second night was great. Just us and our friends with the lights off under the stars. Couldn't have been better! It had to be at least 2a.m. when we left.

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    Wow. Sorry to hear about the groping in the AN tub. We had two other couples with us one night who were a bit older than us but were well behaved. I can imagine that with all that booze flowing it could be a problem. Glad you had at least one nice night enjoying the stars with your friends. What a beautiful location!

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    We were at CN July and visited the AN hot tub at night and never had an issue at all, also we went in it a few times during the afternoon during some showers and met three couples from CSA on day exchange who said they will book CN their next trip because of the AN beach and hot tub. We actually visited each hot tub at least once during an evening, the one behind the dive shack is usually very quiet, it is not AN but my wife enjoys it topless and that has never seemed to be an issue to anyone who came by to use it or may have been in it when we arrived, actually a few ladies actually did the same as her after we were there.

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    My wife and I spent a week last November. We visited the AN tub every night after before hitting the sheets
    We were alone each night but one when a few folks came in to check it out but wouldn't strip down. They giggled a bit and wandered off shortly after arriving. Quiet evenings were wonderful, company would have been more than agreeable since the folks you meet in the tub are typically a fantastic bunch.

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    just got back, was there 2 or 3 times, only ones there each time, really enjoyed it!

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    Hot tubs are open all night.

    Please remember one word: "Respect"

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