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    Default Jamaican book recommendations?

    Hi all,

    I'm a total book worm and my ideal holiday is to lie on the beach and read book after book whilst my hubby soon to be spends hour after hour in the water occasionally popping by to see me

    I'd love to read a book, or multiple books, either about Jamaica or set in Jamaica while I'm there. Any recommendations?


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    "The Pirates Daughter" written by a Jamaican. A fictional story about the rumor that the Hollywood actor Errol Flynn fathered a daughter in Jamaica

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    Check out this site:

    They also have one about Negril:

    They are a little pricy but are pretty cool to have. The "wild" are not really all that wild.

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    Hi Victoria!
    Here are my favorite Jamaican authors and books about Jamaica. They should be in your library system.The best one (I read it twice) was "Madam Fate" by Marcia Douglas. "Small Island" by Andrea Levy is another really special one. Colin Channer wrote a number of books that are all Bob Marley titles ("Satisfy my Soul" is one, they were all great). Russell Banks wrote "The Book of Jamaica" and "Rule of the Bone".
    Hope this helps!
    One Love,

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    Small Island by Andrea Levy is set in Jamaica and England around WWII. I enjoyed it.

    I went to Amazon and searched for Jamaican fiction and a long list came up.

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    "Mr. Jamaica, Abe Issa," by Suzanne Issa.

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    Pirate Latitudes (Michael Crichton). Excellent book, and based in Jamaica.

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    "Banana Shout" by Mark Conklin is set in Negril during the late 60's/early 70's.

    Description per

    "Product Description:
    Vietnam draft dodger Tavo Gripps is shanghaied, by a modern day pirate, to a primitive Caribbean fishing village. He uses hilarious hippie voodoo to survive amongst drug smugglers, the DEA, a displaced wild counterculture, and a lost African tribe."

    "About the Author:
    Mark Conklin grew up in Detroit, Michigan and has a Masters degree in Industrial Psychology. In 1973, he and his wife, Ilene, purchased property and started development of Banana Shout Resort in Negril, Jamaica, then, a remote fishing village. Currently, they reside and operate their resort there."
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Quote Originally Posted by NeedBlueWater View Post
    "Banana Shout" by Mark Conklin is set in Negril during the late 60's/early 70's.
    I must point out that, IMHO, though the story may provide some small entertainment value, the grammar and spelling, particularly in the latter half of the book, is horrible. I really couldn't believe it had been sent to press in that form when I read it.

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    Thanks all!!! I'll have to get ordering them - can't wait to be there. Seven weeks today - woo hoo!!!

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    Default Jamaica themed books

    Walk Good: Travels to Negril, Jamaica by Roland Reimer is another good one. Rudi, I liked Banana Shout, despite its flaws, Sept.? Kingston by Starlight: A Novel by Christopher John Farley is also good if you like pirate stories. On the lighter side are the Bob Morris books, especially Jamaica Me Dead.

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    Default books

    Thanks for all the book titles. Just ordered 4 on Amazon and am looking forward to reading them at CN July 26-Aug 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary_and_Patti View Post
    Rudi, I liked Banana Shout, despite its flaws, Sept.?
    G&P - it has been quite some time since I read it; maybe I'll give it another shot some day.
    Sept. is probably out for us as we are going soon.

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    Sooner than Sept? Didn't you just get back from the March trip? We'll miss you, in any case. We did sign up for Labor day week of 2011, maybe we'll see you then.

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    Bump - just ordered KINGSTON BY STARLIGHT and PIRATE LATITUDES for reading on the plane ride down and on the beach at CN. Love this message board for stuff like this! $4 each on 3 weeks and we're there!!!

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