If you or your spouse are a picky eater, and the other loves everything, did you go to all of the restaurants?

I'll admit I am the picky eater (no fish/seafood/chicken/pork/eggs/mushrooms...etc)

My FH loves everything. In looking at the menus online, there really isn't much if anything that I'd eat. The prime reason in me picking CTI is that it had a dinner buffet available nightly(The Patio), in which I like some of the things and the option of pasta or pizza.

I don't want to deprive my FH of the opportunity to eat at any of the wonderful restaurants, so did you go with them and suck it up?

Example there is nothing on the Bayside menu that I would eat or Verrandah for that matter. Could I go to the Bayside with him and just maybe ask for a plate of plain steamed or fried rice?

Maybe at the Verrandah I could just get a large salad?

Also this is probably the dumbest question, but what exactly is Beef Wellington? I tried asking people I know and they all said the same thing, it depends on where you get it from. Someone posted a picture of it, and it looked like a little steak with a tea biscuit around it.