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    Default Wow! What a trip!

    I just wanted to send a thanks to CN for the best vacation my wife and I have ever had. This was our first time in Jamaica and it was simply incredible. If anyone reading this board has not been to CN but is considering going, stop considering and book your trip right this minute!! Sorry to yell, but I'm serious.

    Also, I would like to thank every poster on this board. This was such a helpful tool in preparing for our first trip. There are a lot of processes (immigration, airport lounge, shuttle ride, etc.) that one should have an idea about going into the trip. I felt so much more comfortable as these things began to unfold. In return, I will help new CN visitors by trying to post helpful information on this board.

    The staff at CN is second to none. Nelly is such a good entertainment coodinator (as were the others) and our catamaran crew did such a first class job. The bartenders made us the best drinks we could have. Finally, the restaurants are just great although we did not get to eat at Lychee. That will have to happen next time and there will be a next time.

    Also, I just want to say that we met some of the nicest people at this resort. If you are a social person who enjoys striking up conversation with new couples, this is the place for you. If you are a bit quiet and like to keep to yourself, that's fine too. There is just something for everyone at this place.

    I have read some occasional not-so-good reviews on Trip Advisor and I just don't understand it. I guess some people may have expecations that can't be met. Personally, I loved this place. We just can't wait to get back!!!

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    once you go, you know! I've never understood the negative reviews either and read them over and over to see if there was something we missed....but we are easy to please and just like to enjoy ourselves, so maybe that is the difference and obviously you are the same. CN is WONDERFUL.....can't wait to go back in November. Glad you enjoyed and that you found this board helpful. I did as well before our first trip last year too.

    Welcome to the family.

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    Welcome to the CN family Baxtus - Glad you had such a fabulous time. Wish we'd have had a MB like this before our first trip to Jamaica many years ago ....... It would have sure helped to take the worry out of the unknown. We just had to wing it.

    Nothing is "perfect" but CN is about as close as it gets from what I've seen after years of traveling all over so am always amazed at some of the stuff people complain about in their reviews. One of the most wild complaints I've read is people that hate the sound of the tree frogs & crickets at night & want that sound stopped ......... That's one of our favorite things!!!!!!!! Makes me know we're on vacation. And if you can't find something to eat that you like ...... well, you've got to be way too picky for sure. The way I figure it, it's a good thing that not everyone falls in love with CN like we have or we'd NEVER be able to get a room there. 50 days until we're headed back to PARADISE!!!!!

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    Sometimes bad things just happen. We are really easy to please too and love Couples but have gotten very frustrated by some of the things that have happened to us. Of course sometimes you can tell that the people just have ridiculous expectations. They think they are going to the Four Seasons or Ritz or something.

    We have only been to CSA so far. I wanted to do the trading places or whatever it's called last time we were there but we were told it wasn't available to us even though it should have been. I am hoping to visit CN next time we are at CSA. It looks really pretty.

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    Baxtus I agree with you on the tripadvisor reviews. Most of the engative ones are from people that are expecting way too much. I think they think that they are going to a brand new resort where everything is brand new and also they don't understand the way of life there on the island. Glad you had a good trip. We are ehading back to CN next June ouselves.

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    YAY.. glad to read this. We just booked yesterday for a week towards the end of February. We have enjoyed all of our trips to Jamaica - it'll be our first time to CN, we have been three times to CSS... and I have no doubts we will love it!

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