Thanks to everyone who posted reviews and helpful information over the last year or so. Our trip could not have been any better. Hopefully my review will help someone out.
We arrived into MoBay at 1:45 pm on Saturday July 3rd. The line for immigration was kinda long, but really it probably only took about 30 minutes to get through. Our bags were there once we cleared. We quickly found the Couples lounge and had 2-3 Red Stripes before getting in a small van w/ two other couples, all CSA bound. It was raining buckets for most of our drive to Negril, so it took about an hour 45 to get there. We stopped after about an hour for FIVE DOLLAR Red Stripes. It was a small little complex of shacks on the left side of the road as you’re heading to Negril. We arrived at CSA and were greeted w/ towels and champaign and spent maybe 15 mins in the checking process. We got a 3rd floor, corner, BFVS, room 3321. It is located directly over the wedding area and next to a quiet little hot tub. A great location. In our opinion, getting a corner room was more important than a certain level. Having windows and a “two view” balcony was really nice and it made the balcony feel larger. Our friends had a second floor center room and it definitely felt smaller.

Activities: We water skied every single morning. Davian was our boat driver and was always happy and friendly. Whether you’re a water skier or not, you should do this at least once. Water skiing in the clear blue water is really cool. Thanks Davian.
We snorkeled twice. O’Brien and Adrian were very helpful and put together two nice trips.
I took advantage of the resort scuba dive. Anthony at the scuba hut knows his stuff and makes the learning process and expense a lot of fun. The whole process from start to finish takes about 4 hours. I believe they always do these from 8:30 to 12:30.
Cat cruise: It was a really nice time. I wish they would’ve allowed for more swimming at the cave. We were only allowed 30 mins, which is just enough time to swim there and back.
Ricks Café: We’re glad we went, but not sure we would go again. They are relentless with their request for tips. The swimming and jumping on your own is great though. We used the resort to set this up. It was $15 per person. There were four in our group and we were wondering if we could’ve done it a lot cheaper by hailing our own cab. Our driver stopped at Bourbon Beach for jerk on the way back. It was good and seems to be the place that most locals said was the best.
Parasailed: We parasailed w/ Elvis. He knows his stuff and seemed to be a fair deal.
Beach Bonfire: This is on Wednesday night at 10:30. This was really cool. They had a bar set up on the beach and had Shaun Otis (sp?) playing acoustic. He was very good. I don’t know why I didn’t buy one of his CDs. This was the latest we stayed up and I’m glad we did it. It gets light in Negril at about 5 or so and dark about 6 or so. We were up very early everyday and because of that, down early as well.

Restaurants: Hands down our favorite was Lemongrass. What a meal!!! And you have to start the dining experience w/ a stop at the martini bar. Oral helped us out here, as we knew nothing about martinis. Do not miss either Lemongrass or the martini bar. And I hope you get to meet Oral. Feathers was as expected. A really nice meal. Patios was nice, but typically quite slow, even on Jamaica time. Tyron made up for it though. He had the smile of Arsenio Hall and seemed to always be happy! Sea Grapes was good. The fish tacos that everyone talks about on here are for real. Very good. As is the sweet potato chips and black bean dips.

After the rain that accompanied us all the way to Negril, we saw maybe 15 mins of rain on the rest of our trip. The weather was awesome. Actually some afternoons we hoped for a little rain or cloud cover.

We used the “items not to be forgotten list” and brought a flashlight. We would usually do an after dark walk on the beach and we were able to find tons of large crab, one small octopus, and some sting rays.

For the trip home we used Tim Air. What an experience that was!! It was one of the highlights of our trip and made the dreaded trip home a little more tolerable. It was $108 per person. We had Curtis as our pilot and he showed us a few quick sites along the way. He pulls his plane up right to the entrance door of the airport and a TimAir porter quickly grabs your bags and takes them all the way into the airline checkin desk. The AA checkin desk took about 45 mins, then security took about 20 mins. The AA line looked terrible, but they kept the line moving pretty well. We departed on Friday the 9th at 2:45.

We will absolutely be back!!!! Hit me up w/ some questions. Talking about the trip helps in the process of integrating back into reality. Hope this helps!