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    Default where to buy school supplies in Negril

    We are interested in buying school supplies in the Negril area. This has been mentioned on a few threads in the past, but we don't recall seeing a specific store/shop to visit. While contributing to the local economy is part of the motivation, we'd still rather get a decent deal/fair price.

    Anyone have recommendations for the Negril area or even Sav?

    user Chris has posted about this so maybe he knows a good place??

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    We brought ours with from home. We packed about half a suit case worth, it wasn't too heavy. Then on the way home we had room for all the stuff we bought while we were there. You can get such good deals coming up here in a month with school starting.

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    Anyone? We'd like to know soon, if anyone has info.

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    I can't help you either because we also buy our supplies in the States and take them with us. Sorry

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    Basic school supplies can be found in Negril at Talrich's stationery store in the ValueMaster shopping center, right in front of the roundabout in the center of town. Sav-la-mar is another option, with a couple stores to choose from. While prices here will not come close to what you would pay at "Dollar Stores" or discount houses at're right...the money does stay in the local economy.

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    Gypsy is right... you will pay a premium! You might also try the Hi-Lo, and I seem to recall that there might be an office supply store in town, but I can't seem to find reference to it.

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