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    Default Tic - Toc - Tic - Toc.... What do we do first?

    26 days remaining... Any suggestions for what to do when we first get to CSS? Any day that's better for going to Dunn's River? This is our first trip to the OR side of the island after 2 trips to Negril.

    Can't Wait!!

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    kurlie124 - In our opinion, CSS is the most beautiful resort in Jamaica! Send us an e-mail to if you'd like, and we'll send you some tips about the resort, and some of our pictures from our 2 trips.

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    CSS is beautiful as are the other resorts but wiht this resort sitting in the mountain it is pretty amazing. What to do first - take the cool cloth they give you when you arrive wipe off your face and enjoy a glass of champagne they provide you when you walk off the bus! If not champagne - than go to the bar and get whatever works. Relax, enjoy the scenery, the staff and each other. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy!
    Dorothy & James - Delaware

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    Best time for Dunn's River is Sunday. There are no cruise ships in port, the crowds are smaller, and the shopkeepers are closed so you aren't pestered as much.

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    Your countdown is way better than mine! (110, but who's counting?)
    The first thing to do when you arrive at CSS is take it all in. Take a deep breath and start relaxing, having fun and discover what makes Jamaica a wonderful place to call home.
    Ok, so after you've found a place to stow your stuff, checked out the view from your room, maybe the view from inside the room, there are a few things I might suggest as your next course of action.
    Take the tour - it gives you a feeling of knowing where you are on the property, which is a good thing.
    Thinking about dinner? Perhaps a quick stop at the lobby and the guest relations desk for reservations, and while you're there, the excursions desk is convenient to sign-up for your Dunn's River tour. If you need to stay connected (brag about how beautiful the resort is on fb), the lounge is right around the corner.
    Thirsty? The balloon bar can serve up something intoxicating, or wander down the path covered by palms to Charlie's Bar for a fabulous smoothie.
    If it's sunset hour, there's no better place to get to know CSS than Sunset Beach, and this time of day you have a musical interlude. Take your shoes off and walk in the sand.
    Find your own happy place, be it in the pool, under an umbrella, out on the ocean or in the hammocks by D block overlooking the beach and the cove. Welcome to Ocho Rios! We're hoping to see Negril next time.

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