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    We're getting ready for our second trip to CSA! We purchased trip insurance through Couples but haven't received any booklets/information about the policy. With other trips, we always gotten a booklet giving us an overview of the policy and with phone numbers of who to call if anything happens. Does Couples provide this, where can I look for this information? Thanks!

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    It is on the site somewhere I think, but you can e-mail the Coules office and they will e-mail you a copy.

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    Here is what you're looking for:

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    Default Trip Insurance

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    FYI they are not great to talk to when asking questions about the coverages but the claim process was pretty go online and fill out a form and then they contact you and if everything checks out, you get a check in the mail pretty quick. We had a travel delay, baggage and trip interruption claim and it all went smoothly with tripmate. If only Delta Airlines was the same...7 months later and we still don't have a check from them.

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