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    Default Newbie Review July 4-11

    My other half and I went to CSA 4-11 July and it was absolutely amazing! The staff is wonderful, the food is great and the grounds and beach should be on a postcard! The only complaint I have (and I say have because we're already booked for next July) is the conditions of the rooms. We stayed in an Ocean View Veranda Suite. The location was wonderful (Room 4110) short walking distance to the beach and the Bamboo bar! But the rooms need a major overhaul for what we're paying. Granted we we're only in the room to change clothes and sleep but that was because the rooms were not comfortable to lay around and lounge in. As I stated earlier, the room issue is not a major issue for me being that we've already booked for next July BUT it would be nice to feel comfortable where I sleep!!

    Staff- I would like to say the staff really made us feel like a King and Queen! They are GREAT! They went above and beyond to make us feel as though we mattered to them and that they wer genuinely happy that we were there! Thanks to Tressina, Winston, Akeem, O'Neil, Chris in Feathers, and Steve on the Catamarran cruise!

    Grounds- the grounds are kept immaculate! We took pictures around the grounds with the photographer and they are great!! We're sending some out in Christmas cards!!

    Palapas - they need more!! My other half and I are very early risers so we would go get a palapas early around 6, go have breakfast and be back about 8 or so. I didn't really see people reserving them and abandoning them all day as stated in previous posts. But they really need more!

    We met some wonderful people and hope to keep in touch! Hey Greg and Wifey and James and Rachel! Hope to see you guys in 2011!!!

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    I'm glad you enjoyed CSA. We usually stay in the beachfront verandah suite rooms. I know that they are simple, but I always thought that the dark woods and terracotta floors were elegant. I figure that I am paying for location, the huge verandah, and not the actual room. I have to admit on our first trip to CSA, I was also disappointed in the room. They've come to grow on me and we are going back to CSA for the fifth time next year. But in a perfect world, it would be nice to have upgraded bathrooms.

    Other resorts we've been to make you wait in line for a reservation number for a palapa. I loathe, I mean really hate, waiting in lines, so I don't mind that it's first come, first served on the palapas. There's only so many palapas they can add (if they chose to do so), and there would probably still not be enough. (We do not use the palapas, by the way.)

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