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    Default staff shout out....for SSB

    On my recent visit to SSB, I was able to get a beach massage from Jackie who was wonderful. I hadnt had an undraped massage before and was a little nervous but i quickly relaxed once i heard the surf and ocean breeze. Of course i was draped when facing up but Jackie was nothing but professional as she made my back spasms non existent.

    Has anyone else been able to do this?

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    Vanman: I am so looking forward to this when we are there in December. Do you know if they do couple's massages there on SSB? What times do they offer these?

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    I would think they do offer the couples massage there. I just said i wanted a beach massage instead of the gazebo ....the beach is 20 bucks more. She said "we do offer them but they are on the au naturale beach"

    I said "that's fine but my wife was going to be shopping" i got the impression that the coupkes massage on SSB was the norm. It was quite hot because i chose to keep the curtains closed and there was little breeze....

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    Yes they have couples maggages on SSB. We have them everytime we go.

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    My wife gets at least three on SSB every time we go, she just loves it.

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    One time we were there they came and 'sold' them on specific days. However, you can requst on on SSB a day in advance, no problem.

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