Hi, I am new to the Message Board. I will be booking a trip for this November to Couples Negril. We have never been to a Couples resort and we are really looking forward to it. I have read posts here on the message board as well as on Tripadvisor and everyone writes such great things about these resorts.

I have read many comments that suggest booking a Gardenview room at Couples and save the $$ to stay extra nights. The one question that I have about the Gardenview room is do they have a minibar/refrigerator? I see them listed on the other rooms but not under the Gardenview room.

Also...I have read that other than the gourmet restaurant, the dress code is pretty casual at the others. How casual is casual? Will capri's and shorts work for women? (Capri's in a la carte / shorts at buffets) Will shorts and golf shirts suffice for men? I really don't want us to overpack and pay for extra baggage charges on the airline if we aren't going to wear the clothes.

I appreciate any info that can be provided. Thanks!