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    Default Snorkling for non-swimmer

    Hello everyone

    We will be at Couples Swept Away in the middle of august. I'd like to go snorkeling with my wife but i don't swim!! Can they provide a life jacket during the snorkeling excursion so i can go in the water safely??

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    We have been to the other 3 Couples and they request that you wear a life jacket. You should have no problem. Snorkeling is a lot of fun.

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    They can and they do for all guests

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    I'm a weak swimmer and used a life jacket throughout the snorkeling trip. They gave them to everyone on the boat, and those who didn't feel they needed one left them there when they got in the water. Worked out great!

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    Everone on the snorkeling trip gets a life vest. Plus, you float a lot better in salt water than in fresh water because the salt water has a higher density. It is actally hard to swim to the bottom in salt water without a life vest. Your only problem is telling your brain not to panic when you first get into the water. If you are a non-swimmer, tell the crew and they will help you into the water and hold onto you until you are comfortable in the water. They even went out with my wife one time when she was having trouble getting comfortable in the water. No worries, mon!
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    That is a good question. I am not a very good swimmer myself, but that's mainly because I can't hold my breath under water that well...hopefully the snorkeling aspect will help me? We'll see!

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    You will love the snorkeling at CSA. Yes, they provide a life jacket to anyone who wants them. They are known as "Jamaican Rubber Duckies."

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    Yes. They tie 2 life-jackets around your waist and chest and call it the "Jamaican Rubber Ducky Way". You can just float along and watch the fish go by underneath you. Very relaxing and you don't have to know how to swim. All you do is kick your feet if you want to move or just float in one spot.
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    When I went snorkling last year at CSA, they pretty much let anyone who wanted one use a lifevest. They actually had you tie it around your waist so you could float more easily in a face-down position. Even those who swam well used it, because it made it easy to just float and enjoy the sights without thrashing to stay buoyant.

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    They do provide life vests to those who want to snorkel but are poor swimmers.

    Enjoy the snorkeling!!

    Bart & Bug

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    They do have life jackets so you can still go. Plenty of people did not swim when we were there and they were fine. Remember that you are also more buoyant in the ocean so it is easier to float anyway.

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    Yes, I believe it is actually mandatory to wear one. You will be fine! You just literally float on top of the water. It's fun =)

    Karen&Jason from Alabama

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    Oh absolutely- You will float like you wouldn't believe. Don't miss it. It is so much fun.

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    Hi there Alain,

    I'm in the same boat, we'll be at CTI for the first time in October, I want to go snorkeling and do other water activities but my husband does not swim. I called the Couples 800 number and they assured me that you can do any of the water activities, with the exception of scuba diving, with a life jacket that they will provide. You have to be comfortable in the water but you do not need to know how to swim.

    I hope this helps you

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    I cannot swim AT ALL... nothing... but we always snorkel in Negril because the water is sooooo calm. I wear a life jacket wrapped around the waist and I am fine..

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    We went snorkling at Swept Away and the boat provided life vests. Actually - nearly all of the people on the boat wear a vest because everyone just wants to be able to float around with minimal effort

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    They do provide a blow up life jacket. Or at least they did at CN and made you were them. I'm sure if you get a to a pool between now and then you can pick up swimming enough to feel confortable in the water.

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    All the advice here has been good but I would like to make a suggestion. As you are a non-swimmer you may have a little anxiety about getting into the ocean even with a life vest on plus having never snorkled you probably will not be comfortable with the equipment or putting your face in the water for the first time. I might be helpful if you could get familliar with the equipment, floating and putting your face in the water before you go out. What I'd like to suggest is when you get to CSA go to the Water Sport hut and ask if someone there would show you how to put on the equipment and put your face in the water and breath through the snorkle tube. You could try it in the shallow water just off the beach where you can stand up and adjust your equipment and get comfortable with everything. The guys at the Water Sports hut are really nice and I'm sure someone would be happy to help you when they are not using the equipment on one of the snorkle trip.

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