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    Default Vendor Day at Sans souci


    Is there a specific day vendors come to couples sans souci. My wife loves to shop and where curious if they come every week.

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    On Friday, you'll find vendors lining the walkway on the main lawn. On other days, you'll find a resident craftsman (or two?) on a small area near the beach. What's really nice is that they're not aggressive or pushy in the least.

    There are also some scheduled activities involving crafts, like hat-weaving and pottery painting, scheduled through the week, and of course, you can go on the shopping trip. Oh, and there's also the jewelry shop and gift shop, which has a surprising array of some local stuff (I picked up a really reasonable and cute purse made from brushed coconut shells last year and a darling wood carving of a Harley for a friend).

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    thank you

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