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    Default CN Beachfront Suite which building # is the best

    Beachfront Suites at couples negril which building # has the best location 5,1,6,or 9.


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    "Best" is a relative term. There isn't a best location, only individual preferences. Buildings 6 and 9 are closest to the A/N beach, with Building 9 being closer. Buildings 1 and 5 are the closest to water sports, with Building 5 being closer.

    Buildings 1 and 6 flank the center of the resort, while Buildings 5 and 9 are furthest from the resort's center. Some people like the convenience of being so close to the restaurants, pool, etc., while other guests prefer to be at a distance from the center for a quieter location.

    Our favorite is Building 6; our least favorite is Building 5. Why? Because we spend most of our day, every day, on the beach, and in 13 trips to CN, we have a particular spot that we like. It's closest to Building 6 and least convenient from Building 5.
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    We've had 6301 and 1301 and would give 6301 (Block 6) a slight edge. We'd take either (or any room for that matter) of course.

    I'm not sure it matters as Couples is not taking advance room requests per Randymon's post.

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    building #6 or #9

    we like that end of the beach much better

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    We have our 3rd CN trip coming up next month and we hope to be in building 5. We love the view and the quiet from the beachfront rooms there.

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    I think all the building are fine. I think it is personal preferance. The resort is not that large. It may take you two minutes to get from end to other. We had building 5 and I liked that it was away from everything and less traffic from people walking by. If I was an AN Beach person I think that building 6 or 9 would be fine. I can't remember what building was right beside it.

    And you will not be able to request a building any longer. I think when you get there you may be able to ask if there is something open if you want something different once you are there.

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    We stayed in #6201. if you would like to see pictures e-mail me at i'll send you some of the room and the view.

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    Our beachfront suite was in building 5 on the second floor. We loved it because it was quiet and the view of the ocean was great. It's a short walk to the pool and restaurant areas because CN is fairly small.


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    How far of a walk from building 5 to the center of the resort or center pool area.


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    It's probably a 2 minute walk - even if you're on "Jamaican time" and carrying a drink!!

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