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    I am trying to find out about the different things to do at night at Couples Negril - how late do things stay open, are the bars open late, are there bands playing .. and until what time? Thanks to anyone who has been there, we are going for our honeymoon in the Spring.

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    The Piano bar stays open until the last person leaves. Depends on the people that are at the resort at that time. I have read on here that some party until well into the morning hours and others are early to bed, so it will depend on the people there at the same time. Many find after a full day of sun, food, alcohol and water sports that you are too tired to be up too late.

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    The last time I was in the piano bar at CN we left for breakfast when the buffett opened.

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    Default too funny.. I only wish that I could stay up that long... We are always up and ready to go by 6am, like little children on vacation. By the time 9pm rolls around, gnight. lol

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    If I had one friendly suggestion for CN, it would be to keep the swim-up bar open a few hours later. They'd have to light it up a bit but I think that would be a nice touch.

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    hte piano bar is open until the last couple leaves. They have different things to do every night. There is a show in the early evening at the Cassavae (sp). We very rarely go to the piano bar in the evening. We are early risers and spend most of the day on the beach then the swim-up bar. We are usually in bed around 10. You will have a great vacation. Go, Relax, and Reconnect

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    Baxtus, I would have to agree. The swim-up bar is the place to socialize and it's just a nice relaxing and fun way to spend a lazy late afternoon/evening.

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