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    Default Just booked our first trip to Couples!

    My husband and I will be at CN January 8th - 15th. Not only is this our first time in Jamiaca, it is our first trip alone in 10 years. We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary!

    Thanks for all of the great information everyone provides for us first timers.

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    Be excited, be VERY excited. You have something awesome to look forward to!

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    Well congrats!!! You couldn't have picked a better place to celebrate. You can as little or as much as you want to do. Our favorite is just laying on the beach as our worries quickly melt away. The staff and food are incredible. Enjoy your trip. We just got back from our 3rd trip and have book our 4th for next year.

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    Congrats on your anniversary. You are in for a vacation of your life. You will certainly want to come back.

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    Treat yourself and book TimAir to fly you from Mobay to CN...the view is awesome.....take the shuttle back. that way you see two different views of Jamaica!

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