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    Default CSS food, snacks?

    Does CSS serve ice cream, we know they have the smoothie bar? Sweet potato chips or any other fun snacks we should look for?

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    Just got back from CSS 2 weeks ago. No ice cream , except for desert at dinner. No snacks except popcorn at the beach grill. That is a new addition from last year. We grabbed some popcorn and sat at the beach bar had a couple cocktails before going to room to get ready for the night dinner. You can also order room service, nachos, cheese tray with fruit,to tied you over till dinner.

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    Nachos, chicken wings and more from room service, Jerk chicken, patties, fries, burgers and more from the beach grill (bella Vista during dinner hours). Plenty of munchies!
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    stevevictoria said - No ice cream

    mabr =

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    There is no soft serve ice cream machine at CSS like the one at Sea Grapes at CSA.

    You can, however, order a variety of munchies from room service. We ordered wings, nachos, cheese plate - all arrived quickly. The plates are small, though, so order several!

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    I must say,that is one of the let downs of CSS...after 2 trips to CN...I love that you have the option to "grab a snack" at almost all hours of the day at CN..where at CSS,it's not as all day self serve "take away" food at the beach grill like CN...if your fun overlaps meal times

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    I just love the nachos at CN, too...all the fixins for a great plate of them, at your disposal, almost ALL day and night

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