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    Default from the airport

    i read that there is transportation from the airport. how do we know where to go for the transportation? how long does it take to get to CSA?..

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    After you get your luggage and go through customs you will go through double doors on the left. Someone will ask which hotel you are going to and direct you to the Couples desk. The ride to CSA is about an hour and a half depending on traffic

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    Once you deplane, you go through Immigration. Make sure to complete your forms on the plane so keep pens and itinerary, and passport easily accessible. If you don't have it completed when you get there, you will be pulled out of line and sent to an are to do this. Next you will be directed to baggage claims, get your bags and head to the nothing to declare line, if you have nothing to declare, which most times people don't. Once you get through there, you exit out of the area and turn left. Look up and there you will see the Couples Lounge. Go directly there, do not pass go, do not collect $200, oh wait, sorry got off track. Anyway, once you get to the lounge they will take your bags and tag them for the resort and you will check in at the desk. Use the restroom if needed, get a Red Stripe or two or soft drink or water. They will let you know when the shuttle is ready and take you to it. I haven't been to CSA, so I don't know the drive time. But the procedure to get the shuttle is all the same.
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    I just sent a reply and it didn't go through so ignore this if you get a second reply from me.

    I was nervous the first time I went to CSA...didn't know what to expect. The process is very simple. When you get off of the plane you will follow a long line through customs. You will then gather your luggage and follow the crowd into the reception area. There will be several large signs with all of the hotels listed. The reception area for Couples is to the left (past the Apple representatives) in the corner. You can't miss it. You will check in with the Couples representatives and the get a beer. The most I have ever waited for the shuttle to the resort is 30 minutes. You will go with the passengers for Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away. The trip takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours but seems like it takes a lot longer (because you will be excited to get to the resort) but it is well worth it! I just booked my 4th trip to will be hooked! We are always impressed how many people we talk to at CSA that have been there more than ten times! Have fun.

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    After clearing customs proceed to the Couples Lounge. You check in with the transporation staff and they take care of everything. Have a drink, use the facilities. Your Couples vacation has begun!

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    I was a little concerned about the transfer to the shuttle as well - however it is VERY EASY. Make sure you have $$ to tip the guys who handle your luggage, they do NOT work for Couples and will expect a tip. (Nothing horrible - I think $1/bag is customary) Follow your bags! There are a million shuttle busses, make sure you and your bags get on the same bus Also, the ride is actually quite fantastic! I loved getting to see Jamaica and the people. Make friends with the people on the shuttle and your bus driver and have a good time! Don't forget to tip your driver either!

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    I went to Jamaica 2 years ago and it was agreat time there.
    Looking forward to visiting there once again!

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    When we went to Negril in '09 the ride from the airport only took a little over an hour. The ride was very interesting. The road follows the coast and goes thru a few small towns. Try to sit on the right side of the bus so you will have a view of the sea. I also recommend sitting in the front and make friends with the driver. Our driver told us a little about each town we went thru and pointed out where Bill Cosby has a house. Its a fun drive!

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    Can someone clarify for me...

    When you check in at the couples lounge, someone takes your bag. Is this a bag handler that you need to tip? Someone said follow your bags to ensure that you and they end up on the same van. How if you give your bags over when you arrive at the lounge can you follow your bags? Thanks for the imput. Looking forward to it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnydnrum View Post
    Can someone clarify for me...

    When you check in at the couples lounge, someone takes your bag. Is this a bag handler that you need to tip? Someone said follow your bags to ensure that you and they end up on the same van. How if you give your bags over when you arrive at the lounge can you follow your bags? Thanks for the imput. Looking forward to it!
    The person that tags your bag is a couples employee... the bags stay at the check in until the bus is ready and then they are moved to the bus. You have he option of carrying the bags yourself OR paying $1.00 per bag the the red cap (non-Couples employee) ... you always have your bag within sight... nothing better than that first cold red stripe and have that in your hand and walk out the doors and feel that warm Jamaican air hit you!!

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    sunnydnrum you dont' have to give your bags over. We always have ours beside us when we are in the lounge. Of course we don't pack alot. If you have alot of luggage you may want someone to help you. We always just say "no thank you" when they go to take our bags and they go up to the next person. I would say avoid tipping someone that takes your bag 10 yards unless you really need help. This also eliminates the need to have to worry about your luggage getting on the correct bus. When the bus driver takes us to the bus we give our bags to him to put in the van and tip him. Our first trip I thought you had to give your bags to someone and our luggage almost got on the wrong bus. Hope this helps.

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    About how long is the bus ride to CTI? I heard there is a new road and it is much shorter and not so curvy, etc. now. Can anyone comment on that? Thanks!

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    When you arrive at the Couples lounge there will be people there to take your luggage for you at the door, the lounge is just small enough that if everyone took their luggage inside it would get pretty cluttered. These people will keep it right by the door and they stay out there and watch it so it's not left unattended, I'm a little freaky about that kind of thing but I felt very comfortable leaving it with them though I did keep my carry-on so I could freshen up in the bathroom. At this point those are Couples employees and you don't need to tip, leave them your luggage, walk inside and check-in at the desk, grab a beverage, use the restroom and it won't be long until your shuttle will be ready. Someone will come to announce that the shuttle is ready and help get your luggage outside, we were asked to identify our luggage and with only one suitcase each it was easy to see that someone had it and that it got outside. Once everyone going on your shuttle and their luggage is gathered you'll follow the guys outside, this is where you can just look to be sure your suitcase didn't get set back down, I guess it could happen. You'll stand by the shuttle as they load the luggage and they will present an obvious opportunity for tipping...about $1 per bag is appropriate. When you arrive at the resort you can tip your driver $5-$10.

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    Sunnydnrun-Someone from the lounge will take your bag, ask which resort you are staying at and then put a colored tag on it to show which resort you are going go to. Bags then sit right outside lounge. When it is time to leave for resort ( about 10 to 20 min) someone will announce it and tell you to make sure your bag is on the cart going to the shuttle and to follow your bag. You tip the gentlemen who takes your bag to the bus and driver. Donít forget to get a drink for the road.

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    Harleygirl....Just came back from CTI last week. Depending on traffic the ride is about 1hour 45min. It took us 2 hours back to airport as we stopped for bathroom break

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    The bus ride from the airport to CTI is about two hours, depending on whether you stop for a restroom break and how many people and their luggage need to be dropped off at CSS on the way. It's been 10 months since I made the trip so I don't know when a shorter straighter road might have been built, but in 2010 it was exactly like it was in 2009.

    Most of the drivers are entertaining and point out things along the way, sing to you, etc. Relax and enjoy the trip. You're in Jamaica at this point, the land of "no problems". You're on Jamaica time, take off your foreign watch. CTI soon come.

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