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    Going to Swept Away in November, looking to book a beachfront veranda room.
    Cannot locate a property map, does anyone know if this is away from the noise ie restaurants, piano bars etc.
    Looking for tranquility,
    Also looking to dive twice a day, is that a problem, we are both certified, resourt only guarantees one dive per day.



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    if you click on the Swept Away tab at the top then click on Maps & Panoramic views a map does pop up showing all the rooms and locations. Not sure about the diving thing though. Have a great time, been there before..its your in a dream

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    Yes, the BFVS is away from the restaurant noise. You're on the main beach path thought so you'll hear folks strolling along the sidewalk from time to time.

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    I don't think the resort even guarantees one dive a day. It's first come first served for that. You might be there when a bunch of other people also want to dive or you might be there when it is pretty slow. It is possible to dive twice a day but it just depends who all signs up.

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    Most people can get two dives per day, it just depends on how many divers are there when you are....

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