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    Default CSA Rooms .... First Time :)


    Will be at CSA in August this year and have booked a standard garden view room. After some reading I have seen that these rooms may have changed to garden verandah suites. Is this the case? And what are the differences?

    It will be my first time at a couples resort and I am very excited.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    The Garden Suites are now Garden Verandah Suites. They put a TV and mini-bar in there and you could possibly be placed in the newer GVS. You are gonna love CSA. We go for our second time at the end of September.

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    Unless you have extra money to blow, the garden verandah suites are the way to go. Same room as others for much cheaper and you will hardly be in there. To me it's more privacy than along the beach path too.

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    Thanks guys this has been helpful

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    We had one of these rooms in June and we loved it. I agree with Sublimebrad's statement of more privacy as well. Many times when we walked along the beach path people would be sitting on their verandah and everyone could look right in on them. When we sat on our balcony no one could see us which was nice. Also I think they are the best location as far as proximity to the restaurants etc.

    Have fun I know we just loved it!

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    We're going to CSA for the first time in the middle of September for our 10th anniversary and are renewing our vows. I can't wait!

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    We are going in early November and we had planned to book an Ocean verandah suite, but now are reconsidering a Garden verandah suite due to the comments on this board. Do you have any view of the sea from the garden suites? I'm wondering if the gain in privacy is worth giving up the view of the water....? Or does it really just matter which side of the building you end up on? I definitely do not want "traffic" going back and forth past my porch all day! We're planning to book this trip today or tomorrow - going for 25th wedding anniversary! CAN'T WAIT!! We have been to Ocho Rios area twice, never to Negril.

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    We had the ocean verandah suite and just loved it. We were on the second floor with total privacy. If we looked to the right of our balcony, we did have a small view of the ocean, but more importantly, could hear the waves crashing on the beach at night. I can't remember the room number, but there was a jacuzzi within steps of our room. When you're are CSA, there's not really a bad room. We spent very little time in our room. Have fun and Enjoy!!

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    If a real view (from your room) is a must, ONLY A BEACHFRONT ACCOMMODATION will guarantee it, and sometimes, not even those (depending on surrounding foliage and floor). There are some ocean views from the Ocean Verandah Suites, and a few from the Atrium Suites, but in general, the best of these only offer a glimpse.

    Hope that helps...

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