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    Default complete newbies to Couples, looking to book

    Good morning,

    we are complete newbies to Couples, however have been considering trying them out for ages now. My husband and I are in our 30s, no kids. My parents, in their 50s, are avid all-inclusive travelers. We usually take a trip together around New Year's. We've been to other resorts, and we are ready for something better. However, because Couples is geared towards, well, couples--would it be a little strange to be there with one's parents? I mean, separate rooms and everything, of course...

    My parents go mostly for the beach. They just love clean sand, clear water and some shade. We are NOT pool people and could care less about them. My parents also appreciage good food, good nightly entertainment. My husband and I love walks, tours and excursions. My research indicates that Couples would be perfect for all of us--true?

    Please tell me more about the beach at CTI? We don't care so much about the presence of seaweed, but do worry about rocks and reefs, and the ability to swim.

    My H and i plan on going once before New Years (likely early Sept) to check the resort out--good time to go?

    Sorry for this being so long--I just have all these questions! i'd appreciate your input and views--especially those who've been to other all-inclusives and can compare them for us!

    thank you very much for the help! i can't wait to become a more permanent part of this community!

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    I think it's great that you travel with your parents! As for it being couples only, sure they do have a few activities that are geared toward couples (the pseudo Newlywed game-show thing being one), but generally, the couples-only thing means really just that you're not going to have a wild, singles pick-up scene going on around you like in some resorts (or kids like at a "family" resort).

    I wouldn't say that traveling with parents is terribly common at Couples, but I would be very amazed if it even so much as raised an eyebrow.

    When my husband and I were married in 2007, his parents were among the attendees, and they were at the resort for about five days with us (we had about 6 days to ourselves after everybody left). We had a great time, and I think it really helped me get to know them better.

    Welcome to Couples! Though we don't have any experience with other all-inclusive resorts (and have no desire, really), from what we've heard, nothing out there really holds a candle to Couples, particularly if you want to avoid the singles scene/kids.

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    COuples is a great resort and there is nothing strange about travelling there with your parents. No different then travelling with any other couple in my book.

    Given the list of things that are important to you I would personally steer you more towards Negril or Swept Away. Tower Isle is in a cove and the beach is very small and the sand doesn't seem to be quite as fine as Negril.

    It's adequately sized for the resort and never ever feels crowded but if you like to take walks along the beach you're going to have to stop and turn around often. In Negril you can walk - literally - for miles.

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    Default thanks!

    awesome, thank you so much! the singles/kids scene is exactly what i'm trying to avoid, so sounds like we are on the right track. i'm actually about to hit send on booking a shorter trip with DH for Aug/Sept. i am beyond excited!

    thank you for your reply!!!

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    "However, because Couples is geared towards, well, couples--would it be a little strange to be there with one's parents? I mean, separate rooms and everything, of course"...QUOTE]

    ....We went the 1st time this past November for my daughter's wedding. OMG, she took her parents on her Honeymoon!!! We all had a great time. Enough so, that we're going again in October. You will meet people of all ages, and find that y'all can go your own way.

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    Hi Pinkcloud,
    If your parents are "beach people" then I would suggest you look at CSA for the trip with your parents. It has a beautiful white sand beach with warm calm water that is perfect for swimming. The dinning and entertainment is also top quality. Lots that would appeal to your age group as well as your parents. The age range of the guests is so varied, vacationing with you parents will not stand out.
    Another nice thing about CSA is that because of the layout being spread across the propery you and your parents could both be at the resort all day and never run into each other.

    If you want to take a trip on your own before you take your parents, then go to the resort that interests you and your husband or do a Secret Rendezvous and let Couples choose for you. Spending time at any of the Couples properties will give you a feel for high level of quality you will experience across the chain. I have been to numerous AI resorts across the Caribbean and Couples far surpasses them all.

    No matter which propery you choose you can't go wrong with Couples.

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    Ditto to what everyone else had said in steering you towards CSA for a trip with your folks (which wouldn't be wierd - we've been hoping to make a trip with my in laws too). While there are pools, they are not the main focus as was the case at CN.

    We also felt that at CSA vs. CN, it was much easier to find isolation for ourselves as the grounds are larger and there are more food options.

    You can't go wrong!!

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    oh my goodness, thank you everyone for your responses! i can't believe how helpful and nice everyone here is! you really put my mind at ease!
    we also brought our parents on our honeymoon, we got married at an all-inclusive in dominican republic with 50 guests, who ALL stayed the entire duration of our trip. it was completely fine, but it was a 'family' resort, so i wnondered how different Couples would be. i feel much better now!
    i also much appreciate the description of differences between all the Couples! it is a lot of fun to research such beautiful places!

    thank you again!

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    When we went to CSA this past March we met two couples that travelled together, a son and his wife brought his parents for there 50 anniversary. Great people of all ages at Couples Resorts.. Make sure you checkout the piano bar if you go to Swept Away..

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    We went to CSA for the first time in April with our daughter & son-in-law and had a fantastic vacation.Just because you travel together doesn't mean you have to spend all your time at the resort together. We'd spend a little time on the beach in the morning together & then meet up for dinner if we had planned to eat together, which was most nights. They went to Feathers one night and we went to another restaurant. (We like our alone time,too!!!)

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    I have to agree with everyone else CSA is the place to go if you are a beach person As far as traveling with your folks to CSA it won't be strange at all - you'll have a great time. I know the whole "couples" theme seems a little cheesy and the way the brochures are written and even the way some of the people on here post it all sounds like gooey-lovey-dovey every moment, but it's not like that, unless that's what you want it to be. The staff will try to make most any romantic idea you may have come true. The staff are the best anywhere in the world. My H & I are beach people too and really only got into the hot tub late one evening and never even stepped foot into the pools. The rest was spent on the beach with our flag raised. It's absolutly BEAUTIFUL! There is plenty to do together and plenty of places to escape to for some alone time as well. There are many more restuarants at CSA then at the other Couples so you could even split up and enjoy a meal or two a part and never see each other for the evening. Don't forget to try a couples massage while you're there too. Enjoy and welcome home....

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    thank you everyone again! i've been looking at all the resorts since my first post, and we are definitely going to Couples in Sept. I'd love to find a good deal for CSA (is there a trick to that?), but am afraid CSS will be our first experience. I'm not worried, of course--while my family loves the beach, I personally love nothing more than walking and exploring a new area; or parking myself in the shade with a book. So i think CSS would be great for our first trip!

    thank you again!

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