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    Default Reggae SumFest 2010

    We will be traveling to CSA for our 1st time (25th anniv) this Thursday! Looking forward to all the resort has to offer. In researching all that's going on, found out that there is a concert (Reggae Sumfest 2010) going on in Montego Bay (Headlining Usher on Saturday night). Has anyone gone? Can one make arrangements for transportation "To and From" the venue. Hate to find myself in MB without a pre-arranged ride back to CSA. Is it relativelively safe? Any comments or suggestions would be welcomed. Looking forward to making new friends 7/22 through 7/29. See you on the beach. Yea mon.

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    We're in Negril but not planning on going.
    I would definitely make sure you have trustworthy travel for your return planned if you decide to go.

    Kartel was just release from prison so many (according to staff here) are very excited to go see him at Sumfest (though that is the Thur. show I beleive).

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    I went to Sumfest quite some years ago and had a blast!! However I do recommend keeping your eyes open and always be careful. Definitely work something out with a driver before hand or it is chaos at the end of the night...also you will still have to see if you can get tickets for the night you want to go...the hotel should be able to help you with that though if there are any available. I know certain nights sell out quickly.

    It is definitely an experience to go the festival...they celebrate in a different way than what we are used to we had people shooting guns in the air to show they liked the music (but that was dancehall night so more of a local thing than the night yor are going) If you could convince someone from the hotel to go with you and stay with you or your driver to do that I would recommend it just to be on the safe side.

    Have fun if you go

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