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    Default September Hurricane Hunters!

    Re-starting our thread on the new board...

    Might be fun to introduce ourselves.. I saw this on another board, and it looked fun!

    Names: Jon and Jaime

    Dates at CSA: September 12-19

    Hometown: Fishers, IN

    Kids: 1 daughter, age 7

    Pets: One weenie dog, Frankie, age 8

    Favorite Drinks: Jon: Long Island Iced Tea, Red Stripe. Jaime: wine, beer

    What are you most looking forward to at CSA? Not working for a week, scuba diving, catamaran cruise.

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    Cool... time to break in this new system anywho (and evade working!)

    Names: Jeff and Carol

    Name:  Scan 4 adjusted Smaller.jpg
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    When at CSA: September 12-19; celebrating our fifth anniversary on the 18th.

    Hometown: Richmond VA USA

    Pets: One basset hound, Beauregard (age 5); two cats, Laverne and Shirley (age 10)

    Favorite Drinks: The one in front of me.

    What are we looking forward to at CSA: Relaxing and enjoying the resort, and definitely trying out the Piano Bar. We'll play the rest by ear.

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    Default sept 18-26

    I haven't seen many replies from people going this week, hope it's not deserted ; ) .... Can't wait whooo hooooo!

    Names: Michael and Mary Ann

    Dates at CSA: September 18-26

    Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

    Kids: 2 daughters, 1 son

    Pets: Chihuahua

    Favorite Drinks: Red Stripe baby! : )
    What are you most looking forward to at CSA? No email, the beach, relaxing, meeting everyone.

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    Default Sept. 12-19

    Joyce & Jim

    He has two daughters and one son
    I have one son, there all grown
    and basically on their own.
    Also my Golden Retriever Cody who is almost eleven.
    We live 50 minutes south of Boston
    20 minutes west of Cape Cod
    The best part of CSA is doing nothing at all
    and meeting new friends.
    Can't wait!!!
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    79 more days

    I sorta like the new message board.. this is nifty! Uploading a pic of us to try it out....

    Did you all get the spa and gift shop credits when booking? Anyone have any spa services they recommend?
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    Names: Mark & Debbie Williford

    Dates at CSA: September 14-22

    Hometown: Deer Park, TX

    Kids: 2 grown sons, A six-yr old granddaughter who's going on 30

    Pets: English bulldogs

    Celebrating: Having enough money to go to CSA and my 55th birthday

    Photo: don't know how to upload - bummer.

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    Default US Airways flight 985 on 9/12

    Jaime/Jon and Joyce/Jim:

    Call me paranoid (because I am), but I always check my flights about once a week to look for schedule changes; but this time I found a different sort of change here.

    I noticed that USAirways is using a smaller plane for the CLT-MBJ leg (or at least smaller than when we bought the tix back in February). It originally was to be an A321, and now it's an A319. (Are you flying back on the 2:30 flight [US834] on 9/19? I noticed that plane changed also, though this is to an A320.) This drops the number of seats on the flight by 59 passengers.

    Not that it makes much of a difference for us; they just moved our seat to the same spot on the new plane, and means we're closer to the rear of the plane (or, more accurately, the rear of the plane has gotten closer to us! ). And the way I see it, that means fewer people trying to get on/off the plane at once. And it means the flight has suddenly become a lot more crowded.
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    Default joyceS

    We're coming back on the 2:30pm flight that is stange I'm going to check my seats & see if they changed. Thanks for the info.
    And no its not being paranoid, I hate when they do stuff like that.

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    Jamie could the picture be any bigger !! LOL I've seen alot of Jon lately. Jon w/Jaime, Jon on a boat, Jon w/Obama I know there's been more. I love giving him a hard time, it's one of the things I'm looking forward to on this trip.

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    OK Jaime I wanted to be just like you and have a picture BUT I doubt it's going to work ![ATTACH]Name:  Picture 092.jpg
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    Default aug 30- sept 6

    David and Beth -- This week is looking a little sparse Carrollton, Ga 2 kids age3,5

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    OK, now I know what the 4 J's look like (as if I didn't know where you are on the plane!) Poor Carol will be the "odd man out" in the group!

    Joyce, did you ever find out if they've messed around with your seating?

    It looks like what US Airways has done is replace the two flights between Charlotte and MoBay with smaller planes (A319 for the early one, A320 for the later). This takes 92 seats (of 334) out of the mix each way for the day, which explains why the price out of RIC suddenly spiked this past week. At least they didn't try to change it to one big flight each day and really mess things up!

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    Okay, looks like there are a few for this week...

    Roll Call:
    Jon and Jaime - IN - Sept 12-19
    Joyce and Jim - MA - Sept 12-19
    Jeff and Carol - VA - Sept 12-19
    Michael and Mary Ann - OH - Sept 18-26
    Mark and Debbie - TX - Sept 14-22
    David and Beth - GA - ?

    Did I get everyone?

    jagorham: Jon and I are flying out on an early (12:40) Sunday flight.. so we won't be with you guys for the return trip But yeah - I did notice the smaller plane, and it did carry over our seat assignments.

    joyce: Yes, my narcissistic husband likes having many pictures of himself.. lol!

    Okay, so - if anyone wants a good laugh.. next time you're in a Borders or bookstore similar.. pick up a copy of "The Rough Guide to Jamaica", flip to the back.. and skim the section on common patois phrases Apparently, my book is still being talked about at the beach bar at CSS. After many cocktails, we were ringing the nudie beach and using our newfound knowledge of Patois to annoy the bartender with It will be making an appearance at CSA, for sure.
    (FYI - my screen name on here is a lewd phrase in patois taken from the back of that book)

    If anyone finds any other good sources of patois phrases, let me know. I get a kick out of that stuff.

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    I can't believe your actually introducing "THE" book to these people that you have not met in person yet. I bet they have already heard about at CSA, I know when my nephew was at CSS he mentioned the book to Orlando and boy they were all talking about us last year. That's one way they'll never forget. Jim was hysterical when he saw your screen name. I like being refered to as the 4 J's. Did you notice jagorham that I made fun of the size of Jamie's picture and then screwed mine up. I was trying last night to upload one and thought it wasn't working so I kept trying. I didn't realize it took awhile to come on, then today I see two. I'm so embarresed and where's Jaime on here when I need her to get them off cuz I can't figure how to do it.
    Oh yeah, I did check the flight & I changed the seats, we aren't sitting together but at least have two aisle seats, they had us way in the back with a window & aisle I hate that.

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    Actually, Joyce, with me included, that makes it the 5 J's (which is why Carol is the "odd man out") This is almost as bad as it was with my late wife - Jeff, Judy, two of her sons Josh and Jeremy, and the dog Ginger (along with best friends John and Jill). We'd have to cycle through all the names until we got it right!

    Where do they have you sitting now on the way down?

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    That's right the 5J's. Actually I don't have my flight stuff here at home & without the confirmation I can't check. I think we had aisle seats around row 18 & 19.

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    OK, Joyce, cool! We're still on the aisle seats on Row 17, so y'all be right behind us.

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    Oh bummer - so we won't be sitting together on the plane?

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    We are coming Sept 14th-19th.... From Maryland, Not married or getting married just looking to check out to resort.

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    Will be there sept 14th-19th ....From Maryland

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    For you facebook-ers, my hubby started a new group for CSA, for the week we are going

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    Hi, we are going Sept. 18-25th and will be celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary! We are from Columbus, OH.

    One questions, is the beach area at CSA nude?

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    Names: Phil & Kay

    Dates at CSA: Sept 4-12 (Our third visit)

    Hometown: San Antonio TX

    Special Occasion: 17th anniversary

    Favorite Drinks: Phil - whatever they are making at the swim-up bar

    Kay - Chocolate Martini

    Looking forward to: Relaxing, diving and great food.

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    Hi Kaf! You'll be arriving on our last full day there, so maybe we'll get to see you!

    There is no "nudist" part of the beach at CSA (unlike the other resorts). However, keep in mind there might be the occassional topless person getting a sun tan; usually, these are Europeans who are more accustomed to doing/seeing that, so don't be shocked by it.
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    jeanettea and Derek

    married 2 years

    one daughter 5 years old

    his drink long island iced tea mine margarita

    this is our second year to csa for our anniversay the first year we went to CN. It was fabulous but we fell in love with csa and it is now our new home

    we will arrive 09/26 thru 10/03

    home is the garden state New Jersey

    we love to party and are looking forward to relaxing during the day and going out to the local clubs at night

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