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    Default CSA Any Excursions Close to Resort?

    We're heading back to CSA and I'm just wondering if there are any excursions - besides shopping - that are near the resort and won't take us away for an entire day?

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    Ys Falls is relatively close and I would highly recommend it. You get off the resort to see the beautiful countryside. The falls are spectacular and you get to swim in them. There are very polite locals on the property who will take your own camera and take lots of pics of you while you're in the falls. You just tip them. The sweet guy who took our pics was such a gentleman -- he helped me over the slippery rocks. He took tons of great pics and we tipped him a $20. Usually when you go on those excursions, you pay at least $20 for one print photo if there is a photo service. He took about 15 photos of us!

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    I would recommend the atv tour every day of the week!! It is a very short drive and it is sooooo much fun. The horseback riding tour takes off from the same place if you are interested in that too.

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    Good question and thanks for the info! We're headed to CSA in December for the first time and this will be one of our excursions!

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    Can you give us an idea on how long these excursions take away from the resort?
    Thank You!!

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    Mayfield falls is only about 1 and one half an hour from the resort. Well worth the time and money.Gorgeous

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    Ys Falls is close enough and worth the trip
    There is golf nearby
    Ricks Cafe for a few hours at Sunset
    Horse Back riding with Chukka Tours
    Go tour the light house on the cliffs.

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    Walk the beach. You can go for miles and it's completely safe. Lots of bars and jerk shacks along with a plethora of vendors. And if it gets too hot, just walk into the sea.
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