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    Default Transfer from CSS to CN

    We are doing a split trip this year and are wanting to leave bright and early from CSS to get to CN, how do we go about requesting this with the staff? I've heard that it's best to leave between 6-7 am to avoid having to stop at the airport. Is this something that we can request or should we look into a cab? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Upon check-in they have you fill out a form that shows your departure information. You'll let them know at that time that you'll be transferring from betweent the two properties. They will make the arrangements to get you from one resort to the other. It would be good for you to check with the front desk the day before to ensure they have it set up and what time it will occur. We went from CSA to CSS last year and someone dropped the ball so we were not able to go direct between the two. They were good in setting it up so there was a vehicle waiting at the airport allowing us to arrive and leave within a couple minutes. Total transit time was about 3 hours. Leaving early would be good so you can get to CN in time for lunch.

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    They will take you anytime you want to go. Just ask the front desk the day before you are to leave.

    Leave by 6:00 AM to avoid the traffic in Montego Bay. If you leave at 6:00 and don't have to stop at the airport (we didn't in two times doing this) you will get to CN about 8:15 AM (in plenty of time for their wonderful breakfast). If you leave at 6:15, you can add another 15 minutes to your trip and not arrive at CN until about 6:45. If you leave after 7:00 AM, I have heard it may take 3-4 hours for the trip and you may have to stop at the airport. They cannot guarantee not stopping at the airport, but if you leave at 6:00 AM, your chances of stopping there are slim. Ask them if anyone is going to the airport at that time and if so, try to get an earlier time.

    Don't ask for a cab. It probably won't be as nice a vehicle and the time we did it, it cost $250! The free couples transfer may be a new car or may be a new small van.

    Your room will not be ready at CN that early, but they will provide a secure place for your luggage, and you will be able to access it all day. They will also provide a private safe for your valuables and beach towels for you. You will have full run of the resort and you can even reserve the Cat Cruise and dinner at the Otaheite without a room number. Just give them your name and promise to get them your room number when you get one.

    For evening meals, don't forget about the Helicoinia just because you like the pool buffets and the Otaheite and Lychee. The Helicona is an Italian restaurant and my personal favorite!
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    The resort will provide a free transfer. The key is making sure you take it as early as possible. The soonest they will depart is 6:15am, at least that was the earliest when we did ours back in April. We made it from CTI to CN in just under 2.5 hours, and that's taking into account some road construction outside Mobay, which added about 15-20 minutes to the trip. If that construction has since been cleared up, your transfer could take even less time.

    Of course the earlier you depart, the less traffic you're likely to encounter and the more likely you will avoid having to make a stop at the airport to pick up other passengers. If your transfer takes place on the weekend, as ours did, that's even better, as you won't even have any rush hour traffic to contend with. Have fun!!

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    Couples will arrange a car anytime of day you want. We mentioned it the first day since we were already at the desk and then followed up the day before we left. I don't know how much a cab would cost, but may not be cheap. Some people on the message boards will recommend drivers that they have used for years, but I say if the resort will take care of it, why pay? They also give you a little soft side cooler with some water and granola bars for the trip. We got lucky and didn't have to go to the airport, but the rides are fun and I don't think we would have cared.

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    Thanks everyone, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't being to much of a diva to request an early transfer.

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    We just did the "Wally Transfer" from CN to CSS - asked at the front desk at check in. They asked what time we wanted to leave, we said 6AM. Our driver, Phillip, was there on time and we got to CSS by 8:30. He was a wonderful and cautious (good) driver! Of course, our room wasn't ready, but we then went to breakfast and to the beach, and by 1:00 had our room ready and waiting for us!

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    This is my first time going to CSA. So why does everyone transfer to another place? Is it that you are just checking both places out?

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    One more tip. If at all possible, carry your bags to the lobby yourself. On our transfer from CN to CTI last January, we were to have our bags out at 5:00 AM for our 6:00 AM departure. We were in the lobby before 6:00 AM and so was our driver, but no bags. They had forgotten to get our bags and had to find someone to go get them. The bags didn't get there until 6:15, which got us to Montego Bay at 7:15. By this time the traffic had started to pick up and it delayed us by an additional 15 minutes. Not a big deal, but it did get us to the resort a half an hour later than need be.
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