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    Default New Year's 2010 SSB Party

    My husband and I will be at CSS Dec. 20-Jan. 6 2011, and would love to have a SSB after hours party!!! Anyone else going to be there over New Year's and want to try to work on a party???

    Let me know!

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    Default Oops

    We will be at CSS Dec. 29 to Jan.6. Would love to work on pulling together a party at SSB while we are there.


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    We'll be there Dec 31st to Jan 7th!! Looking forward to celebrating New Year's at Couples!! Yay. and our 12th anniversary on the 2nd of January.

    Doug & Vee from Parrish, FL (Tampa Bay)
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    Hi Vee!
    Looking forward to meeting you and your DH and a fabulous New Year's Eve at CSS! My husband and I are from Orlando, FL--so we will be part of the Florida CSS contingent!

    Take care,

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    Hey Suz! I tried to email you and didnt get a response. Do you still have the same email that you gave me in Jan?? We cant wait to get back to SSB. I cant wait to see pictures from you guys from the holidays. Drop me an email if you remember my email address.

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    Hi B!
    My email address didn't change--and I didn't receive your email. I wonder what happened???? You know I would ALWAYS respond to your emaills!:-) I'm soooooo excited for you and Marc! Your trip back home to CSS is almost here---are you counting the hours???? I hope the two of you have an uneventful flight from Oregon and a wonderful romantic time at CSS. Please post pictures when you get back!

    Take care!

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