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    I have this condition where my feet are always cold(even when it it is 85 degrees outside). I am concerned that when I return to CN, I will have to wear socks on the AN beach. Think anybody will mind? So if you see some guy wearing socks on the AN beach at CN, it will either be me, or the artist.

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    Have you thought about wearing water shoes. They would serve a couple of purposes, walking on the hot sand and keeping your feet warm.

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    people probably won't mind, but the idea of walking on a beach while wearing socks doesn't sound too appealing to me. Neither does swimming with socks on. You might want to bring an extra towel to drape over or wrap around your feet while you're sitting on the beach. And the water shoe idea is probably a good one too.


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    How cool and artistic woudl it be to rock out some knee high black sox and sandals !!!

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    Just think of the tan lines it would leave!


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    Shoes and hats are OK, The space between them must be nude.
    Irie Mon

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